Washing-up for Spoonies…

Of all the routine household tasks, washing-up is the one that can’t be shirked (but it is!), even though it’s arguably the most painful and exhausting. Or it was, until today, when I came up with a wizard wheeze (pun definitely intended!).

Every six hours, I have to hit the kitchen to take my next round of meds, plus Continue reading

A Happy New Year to Everyone who doesn’t live in Downing Street, Westminster!

I hadn’t intended to write an end of the year post, but what the hell . . .

2011 has, arguably, been the worst year of my life, blighted by medical care, in Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, which can only be described as abysmal, culminating in their omitting to record their diagnosis of heart failure, compounded by my GP’s failure to follow up, and by a GP with a “special interest in cardiology” who, frankly, set herself so firmly against the idea of my having heart failure that she refused to accept that my classic heart failure symptoms are actually caused by heart failure, though she had no interest in finding an alternate cause, nor did she have any suggestions.

So take a bow, Dr. Continue reading

Kenwood Silver Premier Chef – a warning…

The bowl with this machine is spin-moulded. This leaves parallel tool marks all over the circumference if both the inside and outside, which no attempt has been made to polish out, which results in a rough texture. On the outside, this doesn’t matter, and might even be an advantage, in that it doesn’t show finger marks.

Different ball game on the inside, though, especially when making bread. Continue reading

Sainsbury’s meat and added water… Again!

I know I keep banging on about the excessive wetness of meat (and smoked fish),  from Sainsbury’s, but it really is a major problem – we are paying meat prices for water. Whether it’s a product of dubious production methods (slaughterhouses not allowing slaughtered animals to bleed out sufficiently, and the meat not hung for even the shortest time, with retained blood thus boosting the apparent weight all the way down the line to retail level), or deliberately added. As I’ve said in an earlier post, there’s an excuse in cured meats, as the cure is dissolved in water and injected. There’s no excuse in a beef roasting joint. See footnote, also.

I bought a Continue reading

Some Ideas for Living with Chronic Illness…

About which all I can say is, they work for me…

A few days ago I was accused – in a nice way – of being too bloody-minded to die. It is, I suppose, quite true. At least that was also my late aunt’s view, and she’d known me all my life, so who am I to argue?

Of course, when your time’s up, it’s up – bugger all you can do about that – but I believe that the attitude with which you take on life can do quite a bit to make sure that day doesn’t arrive any earlier than it should, and hopefully quite a bit later – and that process begins in your head.

The opposite is also true.

So, having lived with serious illness, and disability, for all but my first 2 years, I thought that Continue reading

London 2012 – and after…

For the Olympic Games, 13,500 troops will supplement the police presence.

Given the behaviour of this government, and of the Met, one is forced to wonder how swiftly thereafter they will be redeployed? Or will they?

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful opportunity to have troops permanently stationed in the capital, for the express purpose of putting down demos, marches, occupations, and other overt objections to Cameron’s fuckuppery?

It would be too Continue reading

Aliens? What aliens?

Over in the land of the free and slightly unhinged, Prof Paul Davies and Robert Wagner at Arizona State University, are trying to encourage every tinfoil-hat wearing  fruitcake to scour over 340,000 (currently, but expected to top 1 million), photographs of the lunar surface in a quest for alien artefacts like, no doubt, a Continue reading