DLA Rates for 2012/13…

DLA Rates 2012 to 2013:-

Mobility component.

Higher                            54.05

Lower                            20.55


Care component

Highest                          77.45

Middle                           51.85

Lowest                           20.55


All other benefits details available here.


11 thoughts on “DLA Rates for 2012/13…

  1. Thanks Ron I came about this page whilst looking for information on copd. i have been diagnosed today with this condition i just thought i was a fat asthmatic. At the age of 44 I learn I have copd not great news but im sure I will cope from day to day, I am still in full time emplyment but i sit on my backside for 12 hr shifts but i cant cope without my car, would you suggest i apply for dla or do you think im far too young?

  2. hello ron i came across your page and found it very usefull. i have asthma and have had it for a while now . im on budesonide dry inhaler . salbutamol inhaler.montelukast tablets. and cetirizine. and go to asthma clinic every 6 mths.but the nurse said she can’t do no more for me as i have a cough day and night and she said i should have some more test done dunno what yet . i also have hearing aids as my hearing not so good and i have Tinnitus which i have 24/7 and it drives me mad. well i put in for dla and was turned down that was a 2 years ago i also have high bp and on meds for and high cholesterol and on meds for my asthma and my tinnitus do give me problems and stop me doing alot of normal daily things but i can’t get any benefits for this

  3. Hi Ron Good site i came across wholst checking if DLA is rising in April .. Am I wrong n thinking that when George Osborne said he was putting up State Pension by £5 in April 2012 He would also higher the rate of pension Credit so all pensioners kept the rise. Well he hasn’t as when our pensions rise by £5.00 each (£10,) our pension credit goes down by £5, … Has anyone else noticed this or did i dream his first statement

    • Hi Judy, I’ve got to agree with you but I think you may have more bad news to come. I was in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee/ Mobility High Rate/ Care lower Rate. When I hit 65 it changed (I stupidly thought, for the better), how wrong can you be. I’ve now been told that because I now get State Pension and Pension Credit (NOT guarantee) that I’m no longer entitled to full housing benefit or full Council Tax benefit. Add this to a REDUCTION in my Pension Credit and the saying “gives with one hand and takes away with the other” should also mention that the taking away hand has a much stronger grip than the giving hand. WHO VOTED FOR THESE DOUBLE DEALING SWINE, not me.

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