Labour needs an effective, leader – step forward, Yvette Cooper

I thought at the time of Ed Miliband’s election, that Labour got the Wrong Brother – and they did. Had it not been for the union vote, they’d have got the right one.

14 months on, and Ed Miliband is still failing every Labour supporter in the land by assuming the guise of a second-rate Tory, along with many other members of the PLP. His only achievement so far – if achievement is the right word – has been to turn Labour into Tory Lite. And his market-trader persona, along with his violent body-language at conference, were truly bizarre to behold.

I’ve always voted Labour but, if a general election were to be called next week, I’d have nobody to vote for. I would not, in all conscience, be able to vote for a Labour Party which refuses to do what it’s being paid for, and become an active opposition to the rabid policies of David Cameron and his coterie of arsewipes, IDS, Osborne and Grayling. Forget Clegg, he’s a busted flush.

Still, at least I won’t have the hassle of trying to get my powerchair into the local infants’ school. The sitting MP, Frank Field, is a shoo-in anyway, the guy’s a bloody limpet. I had thought his appointment as Call-me-Dave’s poverty czar might finally do for him as he revealed his true colours, but so far there is no sign of it.

Ed, though, needs to remember that the chronically sick and disabled, currently being shafted by the egregiously dishonest administration of ESA – a Labour creation  let’s not forget, though the coalition’s, for which read Cameron’s, policies have made it very much harder to claim, even for people who are terminally ill and profoundly disabled – have a vote, too. Unless he shapes up and acknowledges that we actually have a right not to be persecuted and reduced to penury, he can kiss those votes goodbye. Likewise those of the unemployed.

In fact, after conference this year he did promise Bendy Girl (Kaliya Franklin) that he’d do just that, though there has been precious little sign of activity on that front. He might – I say might because I haven’t actually noticed – have stopped publicly slagging us off, but there is no sign of any positive activity on his part to undo the damage he and his Tory Lite buffoons have already done.

Claims, at the time of the leadership election, that David Miliband was tainted by his association with Blair were nonsense – so was much of the parliamentary Labour party, if that’s how you choose to look at it – but people change and taints wash off. And we must not forget that David Miliband won the party vote, it was purely the union vote that stuck us with his ineffectual baby brother. Unions that Ed, being without honour or even any sense of obligation, now refuses to support. That one fact, alone, surely tells us everything there is to know about his character.

However, David’s sun seems to be setting, and Yvette Cooper is being touted, by an assortment of political pundits, as next leader of the Labour Party (with David as Foreign Secretary, Ed relegated to the back benches?). If so – and I can think of no credible alternative – then the Labour Party needs to get its act together, stage a coup, oust Ed (who, if he has any self-awareness at all, must know he’s a fuck-up), and ensure that Yvette Cooper can’t be done-for by the unions by actively discouraging people from standing against her. OK, as I said, there are no viable alternatives, but we’d be seriously screwed if the unions were able to elect yet another useless bugger.

And they need to act now. Who knows, a re-energised Labour Party actually behaving in the way that they’re supposed to, as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, not as some half-arsed, cut-price offshoot of the Conservative Party, might actually send the Lib Dems off in search of their consciences – and their balls – and scupper the coalition.

Whatever happens, for the Labour Party, maintaining the status quo is, quite simply, the worst thing they could do both for them, as a party, and for the country.

Blair, for all his faults, and they were many,** was largely responsible for making Labour electable again. Ed, if not replaced, and pretty damned quickly, will ensure Labour’s return to the wilderness, because he simply hasn’t got a clue.

**Please, resist the temptation to rail against Blair in the comments – this isn’t about him.

2 thoughts on “Labour needs an effective, leader – step forward, Yvette Cooper

  1. Quite! the time when the country needs an effective Opposition is when Labour needs an effective leader – I am sure that Cameron’s paymasters are chasing an overall parliamentary majority so that they can do even more damage in the cause of Mammon

    • Hmm… As I first said over a year ago, if Cameron gets a majority next time, the sick and disabled will be stripped of their benefits, and moved into camps and workhouses so fast it would make your ears bleed. The logic being that housing us (minimally), clothing us (minimally), and feeding us ( – well, you get the picture), is vastly cheaper than paying benefits. Which would be true.

      And that part of the country not directly affected will say, Hmm . . . Suppose he’s right. And get on with their lives.

      There is, after all, precedent – Germany, 1938, post-Kristallnacht. And we, the sick and disabled, have already assumed the mantle of the Jews in mid-thirties Germany, as state-sponsored, official hate figures, and whipping boys for all the financial ills of society. The increase in violence against us is only the beginning.

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