Aliens? What aliens?

Over in the land of the free and slightly unhinged, Prof Paul Davies and Robert Wagner at Arizona State University, are trying to encourage every tinfoil-hat wearing  fruitcake to scour over 340,000 (currently, but expected to top 1 million), photographs of the lunar surface in a quest for alien artefacts like, no doubt, a black obelisk bearing the mystical legend, “Fuck, but you guys sure are dumb, gullible, buggers!”

Among the torrent of drivel in today’s Guardian Davies and Wagner say:-

The easiest artefact to find would probably be a message left behind intentionally. This might be held in a capsule and left in a large fresh crater like Tycho in the moon’s southern highlands, the scientists write. Some longer-lasting messages could be buried at depth but fitted with transmitters that penetrate the lunar surface, they add.


Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that a message capsule (why a capsule?), had been left in Tycho. One who leaves a message does so in the expectation that it will be picked up – so why would it still be there? We’re asked to accept that aliens might not just leave a message, but that other aliens might forget to collect it – FFS, give me a break!

And what of this notional message capsule, left by equally notional aliens (remember SETI, anyone, and how well that worked out?)? People are expected to find something that’s maybe a few inches in size on the bloody moon? In a photo? In what possible universe is this idea even rational? Hell, it is, apparently, hard enough to spot US moon probes and lander bases,** and their locations are known.

**For those who weren’t around at the time, the base of a lunar lander served as a launch-pad for the return trip to lunar orbit, and was left behind, along with assorted crap, like  the odd moon buggy.

And why leave a message at all? Space-faring aliens would surely have more sophisticated means of communication than leaving messages for each other tucked under rocks on random satellites. We can manage radio, and we’ve not even made it to Mars, yet these people think that aliens capable of interstellar travel will be leaving notes for each other? WTF?

The whole idea smacks of people clinging to their funding – even their sanity – by their collective fingernails.

Those guys need to be taken off to somewhere where the walls are soft, nice people cut up their food for them, and in case they become too excited, provide jackets that fasten up the back. Tin-foil hats can no doubt be provided.

The whole idea is 100% the purest bovine ordure. Total lunacy, in fact…


4 thoughts on “Aliens? What aliens?

  1. Come on Ron, do you not realize what is going on? It is an Amazon backed plan to enable people to find the packages that Yodel have lost on the surface of the moon, dropped in transit.
    All the best for the new year!

    • Cheers, Peter.

      Trouble is, I seriously doubt Yodel could find the moon, any more than they could find their own arse with both hands and a flashlight!

  2. Let’s presume that there are aliens, and yes, that means that I don’t believe there are any.

    If the aliens reached the moon, would they not then make the extra leap to earth? And therein lies the stories of people being taken into UFO’s. Strangely enough, this seems to happen only in America. . .

    Oh, and UFO’s are just that, Unidentified Flying Objects. Which doesn’t mean they are alien spaceships, just objects which fly and are unidentified.

    • In my time, having spent so much time out of doors, I’ve seen maybe 8-9 things that come under the general heading of UFO and quite clearly weren’t weather balloons or experimental aircraft, not unless Lockheed et all have anti-gravity, at least – but if aliens exist why would they spend so much time, effort and money on interstellar travel just to furtle about doing sod all? They would surely make contact, or nuke us into oblivion as a threat to their own safety. Whatever, nobody is going to just come and look – to do so would make no sense whatsoever. (No, guys, we’re not being monitored for admission to the Galactic Council – you need to get out more!)

      And if there are/were alien bases/observation posts on the moon, surely the logical place is just beyond the terminator, out of sight, and not in plain view?

      Personally – not least because there is not the slightest evidence to support the existence of aliens – I think there’s just us, and life is a cosmic accident. Given the staggeringly specific conditions that were required to create life here on Earth, the chances of those conditions being replicated elsewhere are vanishingly small.

      The argument made by the numpty tendency in the Guardian is that the universe is so vast that what happened here to create life – whatever that was – must surely have happened elsewhere. To which I can say only one thing – why must it? That’s like saying that because it snows in, say, Aberdeen, it must also snow in Southampton, which is nonsense.

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