London 2012 – and after…

For the Olympic Games, 13,500 troops will supplement the police presence.

Given the behaviour of this government, and of the Met, one is forced to wonder how swiftly thereafter they will be redeployed? Or will they?

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful opportunity to have troops permanently stationed in the capital, for the express purpose of putting down demos, marches, occupations, and other overt objections to Cameron’s fuckuppery?

It would be too obvious for Cameron – never mind Theresa May, she’s a joke – to specifically bring in troops to bolster the Met, break a few heads without screams of police brutality (brutality? But they’re squaddies, it’s what they do; serves you right for being there…), but to retain a few thousand once they’re already installed, to be his private army, well, that’s a whole different ball game.

It will, of course, be claimed to be in the public interest, but the only interests that will be served are those of a few ex Bullingdonians and their cronies.


We’ll see…

3 thoughts on “London 2012 – and after…

  1. It’s actually worse than that, the British Army does not do head breaking – what is best at and trained for is killing people. I an not knocking the army at all but it is not right for civil control. Have our current Worthy Leaders forgotten about Derry and what happens when an armed group of professional soldiers are used for civil control?

    At the moment this is just world stage posturing as Cameron wants to be seen the deliverer of the best Olympics yet..

    You’re right of course! Cameron is fearful of the knd of civil disorder yet to be experienced in the UK and certainly cannot be perceived as a threat to the Temple of Mammon. All the world’s media will be here, ostensibly to report on Olympics 2012, but won ‘t they just go into a Schadnfreude orgy with hard news stories showing the actualite of Britain’s descent into anarchy?

    Still some reasons to be cheerful, next year’s retirement tour by a pair of London pensioners will doubtless provide any footage that might be needed to mask the unpleasantness in the capital.

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