Last word about Yodel – for now, at least…

Whether it’s anything to do with everything I’ve written about them on this blog, on Twitter, or directly to Amazon, Yodel delivered my last Amazon order today, just 2 days after despatch.**

Mind you, even that was touched by weirdness – one 62 mile leg of the journey taking 18 hours – walking speed!

**Turned out, though, that my regular driver had been off for a couple of weeks (I see her a lot,*** but didn’t know she was with Yodel – must have been with HND or DHL previously, I think the former). She wouldn’t be drawn on the recent chaos, but did say she was leaving because they were rubbish, and pay was crap.

*** I get a LOT of deliveries as I shop only online – I’m not able to shop in person except for the odd item from Saisbury’s.

5 thoughts on “Last word about Yodel – for now, at least…

  1. this is the tracking for a parcel I’m still waiting for I guess you agree with me that’s beyond ridiculous.
    I note that the 15th I was at home all day and I obviously didn’t find any card. What’s the point to lie in such a childish way? I wonder if they do it on purpose to earn money from the calls to their customer service.
    On the 22, after I contacted them by email on the 19, they wrote to me that they “are unable to identify your parcel from the tracking details supplied” (?!?!?) I also contacted the sender two times (Uniqlo, and I warned them I won’t shop anymore on their site until they change courier).

    • Part of the problem, at least, is that when a driver is absent for any reason, as my regular driver was for a couple of weeks, it seems that the packages for their route just get kicked around the system in the vain hope that somebody will deliver them. There seems to be no formal system in place to deal with absences.

      That’s my view, anyway, based on the fact that things returned to normal once my regular driver returned. However, she’s about to leave, so doubtless chaos will return.

      The heart of the problem, given that it’s so widespread, seems to be that Yodel’s management is extraordinarily incompetent, and its executives have neither the honesty to admit that, or the skills needed to fix it.

  2. Hi Ron, I was told recently that Yodel are making 200 staff redundant in the new year. That’s here in Devon/Cornwall, dunno about elsewhere in the country. Sure we can all read a lot into this?

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