Tablet/Netbook stand…

Just bought one of these for my Netbook.

The lower position is hopeless, as the weight of the screen overbalances it. The upright position, though, is surprisingly successful. Be warned, if you’re the sort of typist who pounds on the keyboard as if you’re driving nails, then this isn’t for you – it’ll fall over.

If, however, you don’t treat your keyboard as if you hade a grudge against it, and have a reasonably gentle touch, then you’ll be fine.

This is my setup.

It also has the added advantages of enhanced cooling and, in use, taking up much less space (flat surfaces here are at a premium). The gizmo left front is a trackball – I haven’t used a mouse since 2003 – if using a mouse causes you pain, this is the answer (this one is a Logitec Marble Mouse – a perverse name seeing it’s clearly not a mouse), four buttons, conventional left and right, plus smaller forward and back.

Just a thought – probably worth the tenner I paid, seriously doubt it’s worth the RRP though.