A Happy New Year to Everyone who doesn’t live in Downing Street, Westminster!

I hadn’t intended to write an end of the year post, but what the hell . . .

2011 has, arguably, been the worst year of my life, blighted by medical care, in Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, which can only be described as abysmal, culminating in their omitting to record their diagnosis of heart failure, compounded by my GP’s failure to follow up, and by a GP with a “special interest in cardiology” who, frankly, set herself so firmly against the idea of my having heart failure that she refused to accept that my classic heart failure symptoms are actually caused by heart failure, though she had no interest in finding an alternate cause, nor did she have any suggestions.

So take a bow, Dr. Abdelmouti, St. Cath’s hospital, Wirral, and try to realise that there is no shame in admitting you’re wrong, and that, when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, there is no mileage in trying to prove it’s a pigeon when it’s so obviously a fucking duck!

I should add that months of online research have failed to come up with anything else that matches my symptom set. In addition, I respond well to heart failure medication, and deteriorate when I stop it. QED.

Early New Year’s Resolution – quit drinking or, at least, put an end to industrial quantities of beer.  (Sponsored by NYE angina attack!) is what I’ve recently tweeted.

The problem is that the pub I go to has mostly decent beer, but seriously shit food,** so there’s no incentive to moderate drinking by eating lunch. Or, indeed, to actually go out for lunch, bookended by just a few beers.

**They can even fuck up chips, or a cheese toastie!

What I need is a pub that does good food, with good beer, but such a venue doesn’t exist within striking distance – several pubs do one or the other, but not both, or they have both but ruin it with bone idle, and/or inept, staff, or with inconsistency. Or everything works perfectly but they have a carpet-sized TV screen showing football at maximum volume! I’m a bit old-fashioned in that respect – if you want to watch TV, stay home! A jukebox I can live with, but I abhor publicly-televised sport.

It really shouldn’t, in these straitened times, be too hard to find a pub where the management cares enough to provide both good food and good beer, and ensures the staff are competent** – none of these are particularly onerous. It’s as easy to cook good food as bad, serve good beer rather than bad, and good staff cost no more than bad (they should, but in this era of the minimum wage, they don’t).

**And either has no TV, or plenty of TV-free space.

It should be a no-brainer to pull all these things together under one roof – preferably within affordable taxi range, but unless I’m missing something – and I doubt it – it’s just not happening.

Come to think of it, I can get all these things, at the Roscoe Head, in Liverpool – but getting there is physically beyond me, unless by expensive taxi.

I also need better pain meds – 30/500 Co-codamol is totally inadequate. I’ve just taken 1 Co-codamol, 30mg Dihydrocodeine (DHC), and 1 Paracetamol – see how that works out.

DHC is better than Co-codamol, but it worsens my oedema (caused by heart failure!), and also runs the risk of triggering pulmonary oedema, which is far more serious and also – ha! – linked to heart failure. So I’m hoping a low dose might avoid both and, in that combo, give me better pain control (I’ve come to believe that pain relief – if you want to remain conscious and functioning – is probably a myth).

In 2012, I really need to get out more. Not entirely sure how that’s to be accomplished as yet…

And finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, tweeps and fellow #spoonies a very Happy New Year, in the hope that 2012 is better than 2011.

12 thoughts on “A Happy New Year to Everyone who doesn’t live in Downing Street, Westminster!

  1. Here’s hoping we can all fare better in the coming year, we have control of some of our own destiny and i hope that bit which we have no control over can at least be in the hands of humans with hearts.
    Happy new year to you Ron. Xx

  2. Hi Ron
    Thank you for all your help in dealing with the F**kers and i do hope YOU OR SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH the Arrowe Park Executive Board and pass all your history to them they will not believe what your have gone through,good luck mate all the the very best for 2012.

  3. A rather late, but nonetheless, heartfelt Happy New Year to you Ron! Hell, it’s only the 2nd of January and nothing really sinks in until Feb anyway 😉 .

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