Washing-up for Spoonies…

Of all the routine household tasks, washing-up is the one that can’t be shirked (but it is!), even though it’s arguably the most painful and exhausting. Or it was, until today, when I came up with a wizard wheeze (pun definitely intended!).

Every six hours, I have to hit the kitchen to take my next round of meds, plus whatever other trips I might make in the course of the day for water or whatever. So, today, I decided that every time I take my meds, or otherwise find myself in the kitchen, I’ll wash something.

Crockery and cutlery aren’t a problem, as they’re kept to a minimum, and as I’ve mentioned before, crockery is lightweight and indestructible polycarbonate, for both those reasons. Pans, and oven hardware, are an absolute bugger, ditto my mixer bowl and even a simple meal for one can use up three pans (tonight I’m having sliced beef in gravy – home-made and currently defrosting – with spuds and sprouts). Add in the hardware from a baking day, and there’s a lot of work there – for me, anyway, which is what’s facing me today.

Now, though, things are much easier, as I’m just washing one or two items at a time, throughout the day. Still hurts, but only briefly, and not exhausting at all.

Note: I have no room for a dishwasher.

4 thoughts on “Washing-up for Spoonies…

  1. I love reading your blog and have become a daily viewer, but just had to comment on this post as I have every sympathy with you.
    No room for a dishwasher! Not even a small 5 place setting worktop or in the cupboard one?
    Ive had both over the years and both work well.

    • Always good to hear from a fan! But, no, My kitchen is about the size of a king-size bed, with a dire lack of flat surfaces and not an inch that’s not already permanently occupied or otherwise in use.

      My new system worked well, though and, hey, I get to do it all again tomorrow!

  2. I have ME and I can’t stand unsupported for more than a minute or two, but I found that if I rest my knees against the cupboard below the sink I can stand for long enough to get the washing up done. I leave difficult pans etc in soak for a while, as vigorous scrubbing is painful and wears me out quickly.

    • Unfortunately, standing for more than a couple of minutes at a time isn’t an option, but I’m happy to report than my new system is working out wonderfully well. Why I didn’t think of it years ago I have no idea.

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