The Parliament Acts – last resort of the unspeakable…

The Parliament Acts have been used just 4 times since 1911 (via Wikipedia):-

  1. War Crimes Act 1991, which extended jurisdiction of UK courts to acts committed on behalf of Nazi Germany during the Second World War (the only time that the Parliament Acts have been used by a Conservative government). Continue reading

Ed Miliband – as totally out of touch with reality as Cameron…

Ed Miliband, with no grasp of the realities of living on benefits (or much else for that matter), wants the £26k benefits cap reducing outside London. That’s not how it works, you cretin.

Traditionally, Ed, as you’d know  if you knew anything at all, rates of pay for those living and working in London were higher than outside London, to compensate for the higher costs of living there than, say, in Manchester. This was called the “London Weighting”. It might still be for all I know.

It follows Continue reading

Sainsbury’s smoked haddock – is it really smoked?

I’ve written here before about the absurd wetness of Sainsbury’s smoked haddock, a fish that has supposedly gone through two processes – brining, then smoking – which would naturally reduce the moisture content, not increase it (fish, despite its environment, is not actually waterlogged).

Then, today, for reasons which still elude me, I Continue reading

So is Cameron’s problem simply that he’s a snob? I don’t think so…

There is an article, The curse of Cameron dating back to the middle of last year, discussing Cameron’s execrable behaviour and concluding that his problem is that he’s a snob.  It’s doing the rounds of Twitter right now.

Sorry, I’m not buying that for one moment. Well, of course,  he is a snob, but he’s also an Continue reading

Getting a new powerchair…

Having just had a windfall from the tax man, I’ve decided I’ll treat myself to a new powerchair. Well, not so much treat – if I’m to break my housebound cycle, pretty much essential.

I spent a large part of yesterday, online, looking at chairs that (a) fit my budget (under 2 grand) and (b) had a decent claimed range and batteries to match – too many manufacturers blithely claim absurd ranges from relatively small batteries – look for batteries of at least 70Ah for outdoor use. Early in the search I came across this chair, the Continue reading

Home-made Pork Sausages…

Yesterday, Saturday, I worked my nuts off, making a batch of sausage meat with meat sourced online, from Steadman’s of Sedbergh, instead of my usual Sainsbury’s pork. The same cuts, boned pork shoulder and sliced pork belly, and broadly the same price – but vastly superior.

I’ve complained before, here, about the wetness of Sainsbury’s meat, but the squishiness of it does make it very easy to run through the mincer. Steadman’s meat, in contrast, once some superficial bloodiness had been washed off, was excellent – firm muscle, without a trace of wetness. In fact, Continue reading

Windows 7 and TP-Link wi-fi adapter weirdness…

Those of you who’ve been paying attention of late will know I have a shiny new PC, running Windows 7 and Office 2007 and, now I’ve got my head around the sheer, bloody-minded obtuseness of the latter, especially Word, I’m very happy.

There was an amazingly annoying, and initially elusive, problem though.

When typing, in Word, Twitter, or anywhere else, online or off, every few words the cursor would go skating up the page, and the insertion point would go too, leaving me typing blanks.

Simultaneously, Continue reading