I keep saying this, and it keeps being ignored…

I’ve debated at length whether or not to publish this post, and I think I have to have one last attempt at making people understand.

As I’ve explained at great length, in several blog posts, starting over two years ago, plus even a permanent page, and I’ve done so politely, three times, and angrily once (and still my wishes are ignored), I cannot answer questions on whether or not you are entitled to a particular benefit – so there is no point in dropping your medical history in my lap.

Nor can I explain why you didn’t get DLA, or ESA, but I would advise you very strongly to appeal. There is a page here which offers tips on optimising your application for either, which I’d advise reading before you apply. See also the links further down this post.

Why am I taking this stand? Because, while I’ve provided a great deal of advice in the past, those days are gone. I’m seriously ill (even typing is an effort), my life expectancy is limited and, frankly, I have too many  problems of my own that keep me occupied – I really can’t deal with anyone else’s. I don’t have a team behind me, there’s just me, and I’ve pretty much had it with being ignored!

And, unbelievably, people are still posting questions on the page called Read before posting questions, which explains, at great length, why you shouldn’t. I really can’t understand the mind-set of someone who would do that – perhaps I should re-title it “Read instead of posting questions”? But that would confuse Google and probably be just as ineffective.

So, I can do one of two things, shut down comments totally across the blog – comments currently close automatically after 100 days anyway, which has reduced, but not eliminated, the problem – and as I’ve said many times, everything I know about benefits is already on this blog, there is nothing new I can tell anybody, or I can simply consign all such enquiries to oblivion, which seems fair enough as I have specifically asked you – five times now – not to post them.

With any such enquiries, I suggest talking to http://www.facebook.com/SocialWelfareAdvocacy (you’ll need a FB account if you don’t already have one), or http://www.abcofesa.co.uk/board/index.php or both.

And finally, if the foregoing isn’t enough, or comprehension is elusive, this is me – GOLD Stage 4 COPD, moderate/severe ME/CFS, heart failure, aortic valve calcification (those last two being potentially fatal), widespread osteo-arthritis, hips especially, but most joints are affected, plus the damage caused by being struck by lightning in 1983, which literally fried my feet, melting the fatty pads in the soles, so there is no cushioning (an effect not unlike walking barefoot on a shingle beach – forever), and damaged most of my joints, probably causing the spread of pre-existing o-a, and might actually also be the syndrome diagnosed as ME/CFS – there’s no way of knowing as the symptoms are almost identical. Either way, I am in constant and severe pain 24/7.

Oh, and just in case I get bored, it seems I might have cancer of the adrenal glands – tests are ongoing.

So when I say I already have too much to deal with, now you know why. And if you think, oh, well answering one question won’t hurt, believe me, it will as, were I to reply, it would simply encourage others.

Note: This applies purely to this blog – not to other platforms.

5 thoughts on “I keep saying this, and it keeps being ignored…

  1. Some people are so selfish :@

    Can you not deactivate the comments on that page Ron? Or change the name to Read Only-Questions Not Allowed/Answered, or something like that.

    • It’s a thought, but the buggers would just post somewhere else – which they already do, and mostly get binned unless it’s very simple. And there are some comments I don’t want to lose, and closing comments might delete them – no way to tell until it’s too late! At least it mostly stops them cluttering up other threads!

  2. Hi Ron,
    I can appreciate your difficulties and frustration in this area however, to a certain extent you have brought it upon yourself by being so knowledgeable and helpful in the past!

    I am sure those who now contact you, despite your requests, do so in ‘good faith’ and being themselves ill, frustrated by the system and worried, fail to observe your requests.

    I have no idea how these things work, but wonder if it would be possible to include the ‘no questions please’ within this comments section? At least all those who contact you land on this page.

    All the best to you and keep on entertaining and informing for as long as you can.

    • Well that was then, and this is now – things change, and have, dramatically. And I find it very hard to see the good faith when, on a page devoted to asking people not to bother me, and explaining at considerable length why, they still do so.

      And I could put “No questions please” until I’m blue in the face, if they ignore a whole page which says that at length, it’s not going to work. There are even a few comments saying, in effect, “Where the hell do these people get off, posting questions when you’ve asked them not to,” which go unheeded.

      I think it’s worth saying, though, that the main reason why applications fail is because that’s the way the system is configured now, especially for ESA. Which I’ve also covered at some length – there is a search facility, after all. The other reason, which has become abundantly clear over the past few years, is that people simply don’t take enough care over their applications. I know of one person who said “I didn’t put much on the form as I didn’t think it would be used to assess me.” Which makes me wonder what the hell they thought it was for!

      I don’t mind simple questions, but if I respond to them, as I did a few days ago, it encourages others (as it apparently did). I might respond, indeed, I have, to someone who genuinely appears desperate – it depends very much on how I am on any given day – but “Am I entitled to DLA” which I got today, isn’t desperate, it’s lazy. And the honest answer to that question is do what the rest of us did – apply.

  3. Anything DWP related was just a bonus, I just really enjoy your blog and insights! 🙂

    PS. Been a big help as well.

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