Is David Cameron actually sane?

Given his rabid hatred of chronically sick and disabled people, I have questioned, many times, whether Cameron is actually sane on the subject.

I believe, as I’ve said, that he’s using his late son as a benchmark against which our degree of disability is judged, and found wanting, or he hates us for still being alive. Or both. Probably both.

Now, though, he really has slipped his clutch, losing all contact with reality.

In Monday night’s Telegraph (hat tip to @langtry_girl), he says “don’t complain about welfare cuts, go and find work”.

This from a man whose government, for the last 20 months has been deliberately pursuing, at his behest, policies which are creating many hundreds of thousands of jobless people, for most of whom there simply are no alternative  jobs.

On the one hand his government is creating vast battalions of the jobless, while on the other hand it’s removing state benefits that would tide them over until they could, eventually, find work.

And these people are now being told to shut the fuck up, and get a job? Seriously?

Where? Exactly where, are these jobs, you deranged fuckwit? You and your cretinous Bullingdon playmate are destroying the economy – THERE. ARE. NO. JOBS, you smug fucking arsewipe.

So tell me, people, given the disparity between the reality of the actions of Cameron’s government, destroying lives and livelihoods wholesale, and his increasingly crackpot opinions, in what conceivable universe would he actually be considered sane?

And I mean that quite sincerely. I say it not to disparage him, though god knows he richly deserves any disparagement that comes his way, but because he is truly dangerous.

Dangerous to the country, as his actions will almost certainly lead to a general strike, if not outright rebellion, and dangerous to the people of this country, for whose welfare – for whose very lives – he cares not one iota.

Not for the chronically sick; not for the disabled; and definitely not for the unemployed.

None of us, in his world view, are real people – if we are then we’re in worse trouble than I thought, and Hitler had better make room for one more in his special corner of hell – he sees us merely as ciphers. He cares not at all if his policies make us homeless, or penurious – or both. He’d be quite happy if we died, and stopped fucking up his lunatic plans.

And make no mistake – if this madman gets his way, die we most certainly will, from the cold, from starvation, from sheer despair, and by our own hands.

And bear this in mind – there will be barely a single extended family which does not have at least one member whose life will be wrecked by this over-privileged, detached from reality, shitweasel. So don’t think for one moment it’s not your business, because even if it’s not right now, odds are it will be at some point.

The question is – what are we going to do about this madman, before his divisive policies, IDS’s lie factory, and the right-wing press, turn this country into a 21st-century replica of Nazi Germany?

He only hates us now – how long before he decides that the country will be better off without us?

Have a nice day…


3 thoughts on “Is David Cameron actually sane?

  1. Ron, as ever you write what others think.
    You get right to the nub of the issue: the Government’s life would be easier without us disabled people having the gall to hang around cluttering the place up!

  2. I know 2 men who had never been unemployed in their lives, both in their 40’s. Both blue collar workers. Both voted this government in. Both had looked down on people who were on benefits. They were both made redundant about 9 months ago. Neither of them signed on to claim any benefits. They thought that they’d get another job with no problems. Both were wrong, and are still unemployed. Are they claiming benefits? No. Why? Because they don’t want to be looked down on by the likes of, well, people like them.

    Proud? Stupid? Snobs? Admirable? Or just plain lucky that their wives can support them?

    • I know a well-to-do family, in Somerset, who don’t claim their pensions or any other benefits, because they genuinely don’t need them, which is laudable. As for those two guys, though, you forgot “pathetic” and “delusional” – believing the axe would fall only on those who “deserved” it, not on them.

      But here’s the thing – I’m willing to bet, in 2015, they’d vote the same way, even if they’re still out of work, and quite possibly on the dole because their wives got sick of them.

      It’s always worried me, though, just how many blue-collar workers – Labour’s traditional heartland – are actually died in the wool Tories. There was a time I didn’t understand it, but now I think I do – they see it as raising their status from “prole” to “not prole” – voting for an elitist party and hoping some of the gravy dribbles down on them. Doesn’t work that way, as they’re finding out!

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