Thank you, Tweeps…

My thanks to all those on Twitter who were concerned about me last night and this morning.

Yesterday evening something blew the main circuit-breaker here, and it took me ages to figure out that it was my just-out-of-warranty fridge-freezer. I changed the fuse, which was clearly burnt, plugged it back in, but it still kept tripping the breaker – until suddenly, it didn’t. It was however, as silent as the grave, and clearly not working.

It’s a giant, American-style model, with enough food for at least two months and, desperate to try and rescue at least some of it, I emptied my other fridge-freeze, the one I keep my bread flour in – I removed about 50lb of the stuff, boxed it and moved it out of the way – then felt so appallingly ill I thought I was heading for a coronary, or a stroke, hence my tweet last night.

I still feel pretty awful but, hey, I’m still here, and feeling so bad last night gave me the impetus to write this blog post, the subject matter of which I’ve been flirting with for almost 2 years (don’t know why, but I seem to write better the worse I feel).

Anyway, back to the fridge-freezer, and at some point last night I realised it was actually working, but very quietly. It’s always been a noisy bugger, which was annoying as it lives in the living room, there being no room in the kitchen, but now it’s nice and quiet.

I can only assume that when I thought it wasn’t working, it was at the coldest part of its cycle, and had turned itself off for a while, before restarting uncharacteristically quietly.

Looking at the burned fuse, I did wonder if there’s been a power surge (in the middle of the night, last week, something tripped the circuit breaker for the lights – never figured out what). All my electrical stuff is connected via surge protectors, except the fridge-freezer – I really must do something about that.

And this post is my 1,500th…