So is Cameron’s problem simply that he’s a snob? I don’t think so…

There is an article, The curse of Cameron dating back to the middle of last year, discussing Cameron’s execrable behaviour and concluding that his problem is that he’s a snob.  It’s doing the rounds of Twitter right now.

Sorry, I’m not buying that for one moment. Well, of course,  he is a snob, but he’s also an evil, scurrilous, lying, shitweasel of an apology for a human being, completely detached from normal life, and insulated from the consequences of his actions by money.

I’m afraid I can’t look at Cameron’s insane hatred and persecution of the chronically sick and disabled and conclude, as the article does, that it’s not his fault. If not his, whose?

The death of Cameron’s son (and father), were excluded from discussion as that would have been tasteless. No, that was short-sighted.

I’m convinced, as are others (hat tip to Rhydian Fôn James), that Cameron is using his late son as a benchmark against whom all chronically sick and disabled people, including me, are being judged – and mostly found wanting, as anyone with the will to do so can see. It’s quite possible, too, that Cameron also resents those of us who are sick and disabled, yet still alive, and fully intends to make us suffer for it. And please, don’t tell me that’s tasteless – it’s our totally unnecessary persecution that’s truly tasteless. Not to mention obscene, disgusting, and  despicable.

Add to that the lie factory engineered by Cameron, IDS and his SpAds, and Grayling, and you have an anti-disabled propaganda machine, dribbling poison into the ever-willing ears of the right-wing press, that would have had Goebbels creaming his jackboots with envy.

None of that happened because Cameron is a snob – it is pure, unadulterated, vindictiveness.

Thanks mainly to Cameron, but also in no small way to IDS, the sick and disabled people of this country now occupy the position of the Jews in mid-thirties Nazi German – state approved hate figures, allegedly responsible for all the ills of the country. That’s not snobbery either.

Will it be snobbery when the workhouses go up to house the many thousands of people reduced to penury and made homeless by Cameron’s policies?

Will it be snobbery when the sick and disabled find themselves excluded from the NHS as the beds have gone to private patients? And anyway, we’re too expensive . . .

Will it be snobbery when the camps appear, to accommodate the sick and disabled, as the state is no longer willing to support them via benefits, as befits our status as human beings, with all the rights that attach thereto?

Will it be snobbery, when all this comes to pass, and more, if Cameron is returned with a majority in 2015?

How long – whisper it quietly – before a snobbishly final solution occurs to him

2 thoughts on “So is Cameron’s problem simply that he’s a snob? I don’t think so…

  1. A lot of Cameron’s behaviour points towards narcissism and, if that’s the case he will simply not be able to bear being to blame for anything. And, if I remember correctly, his son’s disability was hereditary. He would not be able to bear the idea that he had caused it, so as a method of denial, he will look to blame others and transfer his hatred and venom elsewhere. IMHO.

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