Ed Miliband – as totally out of touch with reality as Cameron…

Ed Miliband, with no grasp of the realities of living on benefits (or much else for that matter), wants the £26k benefits cap reducing outside London. That’s not how it works, you cretin.

Traditionally, Ed, as you’d know  if you knew anything at all, rates of pay for those living and working in London were higher than outside London, to compensate for the higher costs of living there than, say, in Manchester. This was called the “London Weighting”. It might still be for all I know.

It follows logically, then – are you paying attention Ed? – that the benefits cap should be £26k outside London, and higher in London – a London Weighting.

How hard is that for an alleged Labour politician to understand? I don’t expect Cameron to, or to even give a shit, or most of his millionaire cabinet buddies, but you have no excuse.

And while we’re about it, you need to remember that you are not Cameron’s butt-buddy – hell, the Bullingdon wouldn’t even let you sweep up – you’re supposed to be the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Act like it.

Opposition, Ed. Do you have any idea what that means? Would you like to look it up?

I’ll give you a clue – it does not mean embracing the policies of the worst, most oppressive and divisive, Tory government this country has ever seen almost entirely uncritically.

Remember your place Ed – you’re not supposed to be a fucking Tory, you’re the leader of the Labour Party. If you can’t get your pointy head around that fact, get the hell out, go join your shiny role model, and make way for someone who can.

One thought on “Ed Miliband – as totally out of touch with reality as Cameron…

  1. Im reading and retweeting your material, as I think the devil is in the detail. It is designed to humiliate and demean.** That’s why Ive been asking if people can vote on pats petition; please can you put a link on your site. Good luck with the detail, from someone with PPMS.

    **I’m hoping the writer means the WRB, not my posts 😉 Though I’d have no objection to humiliating and demeaning Ed – he’s got it coming.

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