Pork Sausage Recipe – Part 2…

This is the almost finished product:-

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The last thing to be done was to cut it into suitable lengths, pack and freeze, as I’m too knackered to bother with the wrestling-with-a-python nonsense that’s involved in making linked sausages, so they’re just cut into suitable lengths like Cumberland – not least because I like the crisp bits you get on the ends.

I fried off some surplus meat, formed into small patties, and it was very tasty, meaty and slightly peppery – I had feared I’d overdone the pepper. Could have used a bit more sage, but what the hell? Salt, too, but that’s a matter of personal taste – you can always add salt on the plate – you can’t take any excess out. The sausages will retain more moisture than the patties which, even so, were nicely moist.

Total meat cost was £9.57 which gave me 1.46kg (approx. 3¼ lb)**,  of finished sausages (everything else I had in stock). It might be more than I’d pay at Sainsbury’s, but at least I know everything that’s gone into them is the best it can be – and that the cooking sausages are NOT going to fill my frying pan with mysterious, urine-coloured liquid.

**For those of you scratching you heads and trying to relate that to the amount of meat I started out with, bear in mind that there were losses of both meat and breadcrumbs in the mincing process – not everything that goes into a mincer comes out, particularly the crumb – I’ll have to remember to compensate for that in future batches – and maybe 4 ounces of sausage meat left over from the stuffing process, which I fried and ate. Plus the addition, not mentioned previously, it was an afterthought,  of perhaps a quarter of a pint of cider – not measured, but added until it felt right.