The Parliament Acts – last resort of the unspeakable…

The Parliament Acts have been used just 4 times since 1911 (via Wikipedia):-

  1. War Crimes Act 1991, which extended jurisdiction of UK courts to acts committed on behalf of Nazi Germany during the Second World War (the only time that the Parliament Acts have been used by a Conservative government).
  2. European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, which changed the system of elections to the European Parliament from first past the post to a form of proportional representation.
  3. Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000, which equalised the age of consent for male homosexual sexual activities with that for heterosexual and female homosexual sexual activities at 16.
  4. Hunting Act 2004, which prohibited hare coursing and (subject to some exceptions) all hunting of wild mammals (particularly foxes) with dogs after early 2005.

Note that none of those uses was to persecute, impoverish, render homeless and, directly or indirectly, kill or encompass the suicide of some of the most vulnerable members of society. This is because nobody as unconscionably evil as that dismal, lying, despicable, scumbag, David Cameron, consumed by an insane hatred for the chronically sick and disabled, had yet come to power.

Until now.

This is no longer a democracy – this is an elected dictatorship. Tomorrow, the democratic process will have been totally subsumed to the will of a deeply obsessive man who cannot for one moment countenance being gainsaid by the House of Lords, and that despite his loading it with his own placemen and women.

You know, last year, when I learned I was dying, I was, well, just a tad uptight about it. You might have noticed.

Tomorrow, though, when Cameron inevitably rolls out the Parliament Acts to over-rule the House of Lords, I think I might just have the best of the deal.

8 thoughts on “The Parliament Acts – last resort of the unspeakable…

  1. “liked” is of course not what I mean, shame that people had not understood that they voted for the destruction of the welfare state – Cameron really is ill-advised or does he think that he can get away eith it. given the cuts to the police forces and the military, presumably he’s already talking to Halliburton about a contract with them to maintain civil order?

    • As I said in a post some weeks ago, Cameron is importing thousands of troops for the Olympics to “assist with security”. The cynic in me thinks that, afterwards, they won’t be going away any time soon – and Cameron will have his private army.

      Of course, destroying the Welfare State has always been a Tory wet dream but nobody, not even Thatcher, has been insane enough to try it, until Cameron came along. As for IDS, the man is a professional failure, politically, at least – even his own party gave him the elbow as leader because he was so spectacularly useless – and the DWP is his last chance to make his mark on history, and make it he will, and hang the consequences.

      • Yes he is but I think that’s more for global grandstanding than local use. Unlike the US president, Cameron is not the supreme commander of anything and I very much doubt that the contemporary British army would shoot British citizens. I might be horribly wrong but I believe that the army would decide to deal with a possible threat to national security by putting the principle source of the threat into protective custody and take control of Downing Street and its communications machinery. As for ID-S he has been clearly set up to fail by being given an impossible task – a few decades ago he would have been sent to Belfast.

        Every Cameron utterance reinforces my belief that he is a clinical sociopath

        • Were I a demonstrator, in a few months time. or, especially, during the Olympics, I wouldn’t like to stake my life on that. I heard/read a rumour – no idea if it’s true – that Cameron is to introduce a new version of the Riot Act, giving him the right to use troops on the streets. Pretty sure it was in the Guardian, but can’t find it now.

          Cameron might not be the de facto supreme commander, but he’s giving a damn good indication that he thinks he is, and I don’t see anyone standing in his way.

          I’ve accused Cameron of being insane on every political website and on the No.10 website – as well as god knows how many times on this blog and in online newspapers. And not a single person has come to his defence. This fucker is Hitler in a good suit.

          • I agree with you about Cameron; the reality came home to me when he rejected an invitation to join the EU’s right wing bloc opting instead to join the European extreme right whose members include politicians with proven links to neo-nazi groups in countries such as Poland.

    • Thanks Geoff. In this instance it affects WordPress .org users, who pay for hosting (hence the “unfamiliar bill” come-on), rather than WordPress .com accounts, which are free. It does reinforce the old rule, though – if you don’t recognise it, don’t open it.

      You can always reach me via the About page, incidentally, though it doesn’t matter a great deal for something like this.


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