People hate the disabled because Cameron shows it’s OK to do so…

Public hatred of the sick and disabled is the result of almost 2 years of insane rage and hatred from Cameron (and I do mean insane – on the subject of the chronically sick and disabled the guy’s unhinged), featuring a barrage of lies almost from the day after the election.

This, of course, has been compounded – and still is – by an endless torrent of lies, disinformation, criminalisation, and demonisation flowing ceaselessly not just from Cameron but also from the IDS** Lie Factory, doubtless aided and abetted by his SpAds and quite possibly Grayling too – I sincerely doubt IDS has the brains or creativity to do it all alone. Free BMWs my arse!

**IDS = I’m Despicably Shite.

All of it, of course, is absorbed, digested and puked out by right-wing rags like the Mail, Sun, Express and Torygraph – not to mention rebroadcast virtually verbatim, when even a child could see through the lies, by the Bullingdon Broadcasting Corporation.

That is why we are increasingly hated. After all, the fact that many thousands of us are being plunged into penury should cheer up the knuckle-dragging subhumans, rather than make them hate us more.

And the fact that Cameron and his unholy coterie of fuckwits are behind this campaign of hatred is why such behaviour is not, legally, a hate crime – if it were, the whole bunch of them would be in jail by now.

And, sadly, even if IDS were to shut up shop, and Cameron shut the fuck up, it would be too late – the seeds of hatred have been sown, and are flourishing. The sick and disabled – and I know I’ve said this before, it doesn’t make it any less true now – have had the role of the Jews in mid 1930s Nazi Germany thrust upon them. We are now government-approved hate figures, whipping boys for all the ills of society, plunged into poverty and homelessness as “punishment” while those who really are responsible – Cameron’s city pals – rake in vast bonuses.

There is a feeling that once “the people” see what is being done to us, they will realise how wrong it is, and turn on the government. Well, sorry, I don’t see that happening any time soon, even though almost every extended family in the land must have a member affected by the destruction of the welfare state, whether it be an immediate relative or a distant cousin – they’re happy as long as it’s not them, personally, being screwed.

This will not get better – it can only get worse – the historical precedent is perfectly clear for those with the will to see it.

Cameron and IDS are little more than Hitler and Goebbels in good suits; they are the chief architects of the government-sponsored anti-disability pogrom that is about to sweep this country.

And don’t think it won’t.

Welcome to Cameron’s Reich.

11 thoughts on “People hate the disabled because Cameron shows it’s OK to do so…

  1. I really wish I could disagree with you Ron but that’s how it appears to me too. Who next for the demonisation? The obvious target is the old, but perhaps they will be dealt with after the 2015 election, after the turkeys have voted for Christmas?

  2. There is one good thing Ron…
    “free BMW’s” is that for all us crips ?
    Leather interior..tinted windows…Aaaahhhh 😉

  3. Hi Ron, have just read an article called, ‘You’re dying-but are you trying for a job’ It has apparently been in the Mirror today. You may like to read it , if you haven’t already. It’s amazing the lengths the DWP will go to to get people back to work.
    Hope you’re having a good day, Val

  4. Not quite got there yet! would have if they had left the retirement age for women at 60. I turned 60 last month so now have to wait til next year before they will leave me alone!!

  5. Shirley

    I wrote to a Lord today and used the word pogrom. I have a feeling that I spoke too brutally for the gentle lord, as some have experienced real pogroms in their pasts.

    However, too late now, its been said, and that is what it feels like.

    Its ironic since the main proponent of this bill in the Lords has relatives who escaped the german persecutions.

    Ps if you have a copy of the police state rules, it would save me looking for them as my eyesight is suffering from all this computer work.

    • Not entirely sure what you mean by police state rules. They tend to happen where a government puts itself above the rule of law, using the police force to support it in that position – a bit like Cameron and the Met during the demos. Bugger all peace-keeping there, just doing Cameron’s bidding, either actually, at his behest, or spontaneously. Either way, the rule of law went to hell.

  6. A police state for benefit claimants?

    January 30, 2012 by Ron

    It’s been brought to my attention that page 16 of the ESA Notes Sheet ESA40 04/09 contains this gem:-

    its things like this that could be brought before the Lords, so if you spot any other anomalies or infringements of human rights it would be helpful and spare my eyesight.

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