A solution to the Twitter Jail problem – update…

Back in December, I wrote that the way to avoid the all too common – regardless of how much or how little you used it, even if you’d only been online a few seconds – problem of Twitter Jail was to use the Twitter client MetroTwit, and not TweetDeck, which was causing the problem.

However, since the new “improved” Twitter (is this the biggest fubar ever perpetrated by Twitter – wtf  is the point?), went global, that’s no longer the case. Twitter have fixed that loophole, miserable scrotes that they are. It’s still nowhere near as bad as with TweetDeck, but it’s back.

In addition, old Twitter is still there – if you click through to a Twitter page, for a split second the old page is visible, before scooting off the left-hand side of the screen and being replaced by the new one – what the hell are you playing at Twitter? Pick one and stick with it (though I think they’re hedging their bet, waiting to see how well the new version is received – extremely unfavourably, if my timeline is at all typical).

As we know, Twitter killed off Deck.ly in the current version of TweetDeck simply because they don’t approve of long tweets (the world is moving on, guys, and people have realised how restrictive 140 characters are – it’s no longer a challenging novelty, it’s a pain in the arse). MetroTwit, though, links to TwitLonger and, since the inception of new Twitter, I’ve noticed that this is getting increasingly clunky – is Twitter screwing with that as well?

Wouldn’t surprise me.