Britain 2012 – a Nazi-Soviet hybrid?

It appears that, as Cameron and his merry band of nutters happily embrace the ethos of Nazi Germany, Ken Clarke is busy reinventing Soviet Russia

This is no longer a democracy. Indeed, it hasn’t been since May 2010. It’s simply an elected dictatorship.

The Tories are gerrymandering constituency boundaries in their own favour, making it difficult, perhaps impossible, to remove them from power,  and Cameron has taken it upon himself to railroad through legislation in the face of constitutional opposition.

And as I’ve been saying, to the point of tedium, thanks to Cameron and IDS the sick and disabled have had the role of the Jews in mid-thirties Nazi Germany thrust upon them.

How much longer before opposition parties become illegal? After all, the Lib Dems are thought to be unelectable in the future, though personally I think they’ll pull in the right-wing fruitcake vote, and Labour are now a branch of the Conservative Party, albeit with different-coloured ties (thanks a bunch Ed, you traitorous prick). It only remains to negate or marginalise even more the minor parties, and the shiny sack of shit has it all sewn up.

I really wouldn’t bet against it.

3 thoughts on “Britain 2012 – a Nazi-Soviet hybrid?

    • Im glad you cant disagree, because every word is chillingly plausible and becoming reality one day at a time. Cameron’s tories are enacting every policy the BNP were never, and will never, be able to enact. Cameron is a closet fascist with a blue tie and a Conservative logo on his lapel.

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