Sign Pat’s Petition – before it’s too late…

Why so few signatures on Pat’s Petition to “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”  – a mere 30,585 at the time of writing, which is pretty damn pitiful.

I suspect that most families, either parents or children, grandparents, or somewhere among their in-laws, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, have at least one disabled person, maybe more, among their number. Yet a great many of them, maybe even a majority, don’t care overmuch about what’s happening – you only have to read the right-wing press – especially the comments sections – to see that.

Even the Guardian gets its share of doubters – not right-wing trolls, just normal people who don’t feel it can really be that bad, and would just as soon not know that it is.

But, of course, it is that bad because anyone can become too ill to work, or lose their jobs (especially the latter these days), at the drop of a hat, yet the idea that they might, while it’s beginning to sink in, is taking its own sweet time.

They are, in potentia, as screwed as the rest of us – they just haven’t realised it yet.

Wake up people – before it’s too late…


8 thoughts on “Sign Pat’s Petition – before it’s too late…

  1. Hi Ron I have signed the petition with pleasure.untill i got your email i didnt know about it.hope you are ok thanks for your posts i know you do them with difficult health problems………..regards.Wyn………by the way Ron i have been diagnosed with stage 4 CPOD .i didnt know there was different stages………

    • Hi Wyn,

      It’s been circulating on Twitter for a while, but that’s no help to those not on Twitter, so I thought I’d spread it around. Given the number of disabled people in this country – about a quarter of a million with ME alone – the response has been dismal.

      Last summer NICE decided that GPs had to use the GOLD standard for classifying COPD so don’t worry, you’re probably no worse off than you were before. The problem is that they don’t treat COPD according to GOLD, which recommends prompt and aggressive antibiotic treatment, so I’ve been self-medicating since about 2004 – been a hell of a lot more stable too.


  2. Hi Ron, Pat here from Pat’s petition! Thanks for this but as you say it is the survival instinct of ‘it won’t happen to me’ syndrome. Every single one of these signatures has been hard won but any suggextions how to get more? We don’t have a celeb promoting it just the team – hard working each and every one. Come on people wake up to what’s happening before it’s too late. Pat x

  3. Signed Pats Petition ages ago. After reading this I would have thought there would be far more signatures. Other than passing it on, what more could we do? I would be happy to do it.

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