Unlimited workfare for the sick and disabled – Cameron’s Pogrom…

The Guardian stands accused, today, of cheerleading the Coalition’s unhinged activities. OK, the guy is clearly a troll, but so far over 1,300 people agree with him. How can so many get it so wrong?

Before the general election, the Guardian backed Clegg, not knowing – just like everybody else – what a power-mad, unprincipled, bastard he’d turn out to be after the election. And also not knowing that LimpDem MPs had not a single functioning gonad between them. Or even a vestigial conscience.

Nor could the Guardian have envisaged Cameron’s absolutely insane assault on the sick and disabled. And I do mean insane – there is nothing remotely rational going on there.

This is a veritable pogrom,  as sick and disabled people forced to participate in unlimited workfare will most certainly die, probably in considerable numbers, as even being terminally ill is isn’t any protection. And I believe that this is what the government wants – kill off the sick and disabled indirectly because (a) Cameron hates us, and (b), it’ll save money. Hell, they can even blame the companies participating in workfare for working them too hard – and doubtless will – but they’ll be just as dead.

Some of us in the disabled community think we’re being punished for Cameron’s late son, Ivan, being dead while we remain alive and, in his perverted world-view, “thriving” on taxpayer’s money. Others think Ivan is being used as a yardstick against which we’re all judged and, almost inevitably, found wanting. Personally, I think both views are right – and we’re doubly screwed.

And when disabled people, inevitably, fail to turn up for their workfare placements because they’re too ill, and have their benefits stopped, more will die as a result.

And how this can be laid at the door of the Guardian I have no idea. The Mail, Times, Telegraph, Express, Sun,  yes, absolutely. OK, the Guardian could have done more to make the plight of the sick and disabled front-page news – which finally happened today – but to claim they caused all this is simply deranged.

Related to the forgoing, I posted this tweet on Twitter last night:-

“Workfare for able-bodied is time-limited. For the disabled it’s unlimited. Are they trying to kill us off? Sure as hell looks like it.”

It got 37 retweets, generated tweets from others, which were in turn retweeted. This morning, it’s all gone. Censorship? Twitter fuck-up? Dunno. The thread is still there on mobile devices, including mine, but I suspect that’s to do with the way content is cached. Other than that, it’s missing, presumed censored until proven otherwise.


6 thoughts on “Unlimited workfare for the sick and disabled – Cameron’s Pogrom…

  1. Hear Hear. I agree I too think Mr Cameron has a serious mental health problem caused by the death of his son and his father. I must say I bear neither any malice and take my hat off to the Camerons for looking after thier son the way they did. The issue here is has this affected Mr Cameron? does he now have a pathalogical hatred of disability? Notice I say disability, I dont think he hates the disabled per say, just disability in general. This hatred has coloured his vision and as such prevents him feeling any enmity toiwards his fellow disabled human being.

    His persistant rants and attacks on the sick and disabled are all part of his plan to demonise us as we all know, this in turn with the gutter press and the gullible general public has had some success to date. There is hope though, people are beginning to wake up and see what he is doing. The average working man in the street has begun to click on to his plans for benefits in the future and are realising that they are in fact being misguided into giving up thier rights to future benefits.

    Camerone doesnt care, he is loadfed and so is his wife. They will never know poverty so this too enables him to continue his attacks. It is up to us to fight back


    • I suspect that most families, either parents or children, grandparents or somewhere among their in-laws, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, have at least one disabled person, maybe more, among their number. Yet a great many, maybe even a majority don’t care overmuch about what’s happening – you only have to read the right-wing press – especially the comments sections – to see that. Even the Guardian gets its share of doubters – not right-wing trolls, just normal people who don’t feel it can really be that bad, and would just as soon not know that it is.

      And, of course, anyone can become too ill to work, or lose their jobs (especially the latter these days), yet the idea that they might, while it’s beginning to sink in, is taking its own sweet time. They are, in potentia, as screwed as the rest of us.

      And let’s not forget that the Camerons got state financial help for Ivan that his father would deny to others. True, they were legally entitled to it, but didn’t actually need it – most of us do, to simply survive.


  2. Hi Ron,

    During the Paralympics games of 2008, my local jobcentre plus requested my presences for an interview. During a telephone consultation with my GP, she insisted that I do not attend any interviews under any circumstances as I was and still am too ill to put my life at risk.

    I telephoned the jobcente stating that I was too ill to attend. I was told that I could only telephone my excuses for a limited amount of times before I would be compelled to attend an interview or pay the consequences.

    A few days later I received another request from the same jobcentre plus telling me to contact them. During my telephone conversation with a jobsworth advisor, he demanded that I attended the interview that was printed on this second letter and to tell my GP not to interfere with his job. Though I told him of my illness/disabilities, all he would say was that I should feel ashamed of myself when there are disabled athletes who are missing limbs etc., busy winning medals for GB whereas I was a work shy person sitting at home doing nothing. I stated that I very much doubt that those athletes taking part in games were in as much pain as I was or else they would not be able to walk to the trackside never mind run laps around it but he just wouldn’t see it like that.

    When I next visited my GP I told her what jobsworth had said. She ask for jobsworth’s name and the jobcentre’s address as she would write on my behalf and have these interviews halted until my health improved enough for me to attend. About five days later, Mr Jobsworth telephoned me to say that I would receive no more requests for interviews for at least three months. However, he went on to say that regardless of a persons ill health/disability, EVERYONE will be expected to attend their interviews in the coming year. I asked him of which groups would be exempt from these compulsory interviews? He stated that at that particular time only terminally ill patients dying in hospitals/hospices are exempt but that they too will eventually be included and would have to attend their interviews.

    I was shocked when he said that the terminally ill would be eventually included because even to this day, I still see my skeletal older brother dying of cancer in hospital in November 1996. I could not get my head around the image of my dying brother being wheeled in to a jobcentre for an interview. When I told jobsworth that such action of forcing ill people to attend interviews would be political suicide for the Labour party, he said that I had better get used to the idea as it is coming whether the disabled like it or not.

    So much for the suicidal Labour Party.

    I wonder what this government will concocte to demonise the ill and disabled during the Paralympics games 2012?

    Unfortunately, as we all know, it’s going to be much worse for the poor and disabled next year.

    Finally, I have witnessed an increase of people who are now very critical of ill and disabled people. A lot of these people have just recently been signed off the sick after losing their medical and subsequent appeal. I guess that they must think that if they are deemed fit to work, everyone must be fit for work. What I find really galling is that many of these people I had worked alongside in the now defunct mining industry. All Labour voters too!

    So Cameron’s brainwashing is definitely succeeding.


    P. S.

    Like you, I too have my suicide pack hidden but in easy reach to use when I’ve had enough. I want to wait until my two dogs have passed on but I may have to use it much earlier.

    • They can’t really fuck with this – even if they kill the tweets, and they seem to be behaving so far, the post is out of their reach.

  3. Bob, Ron, I have to agree, utter madness!!! Why don’t they just write to us all offering a place in the work house, cos that is what it is…………a place for the chronically and termanally sick to die. Will they offer us grits and bread too, maybe a few sacks to sleep on or a number instead of a name? The bloody thing is a complete farse and gone beyond a joke. It would be far cheaper and more humane to provide us with a pack of lethal drugs to save the government money. And yes, I would much rather choose this option when the time comes than to physically and mentally rot how they would have it.

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