Who is censoring Twitter, themselves or British security services?

Or is it simply that Twitter is totally FUBAR?**

Yesterday morning, a whole bunch of retweets of my tweet saying:-

Workfare for able-bodied is time-limited. For the disabled it’s unlimited. Are they trying to kill us off? Sure as hell looks like it…

…had vanished from my Twitter timeline. They were still on my mobile, but that’s probably because mobile tweets are cached differently. Some said they could still see the thread, but differences in the number of retweets – fewer than when I signed off for the night – suggested that they, too, were seeing a cached version.

And not just my stuff, tweets and RTs from others responding to my original vanished too – probably close to 50 tweets and retweets, gone into a Twitter black hole.

Today, as with yesterday, a whole slew of  retweets on the same subject have vanished from my timeline (in MetroTwit anyway – I can’t get into Twitter – once again!), and also gone from my mobile timeline too. Only innocuous tweets and a couple of blog RTs remain. However, a whole bunch of RTs for this blog post https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/unlimited-workfare-for-the-sick-and-disabled-camerons-pogrom/ have also disappeared.

Finally managed to get into Twitter, but can’t follow my timeline back beyond about midnight last night – there’s nothing there but a Back to top message. I thought, for a moment, Twitter were deleting stuff over 12 hours old, but I can still see the less contentions tweets from last night in MetroTwit, so it can’t be that.

Please bear in mind that if you can see the missing tweets, it’s likely a cached version you’re seeing – they are absolutely not there any longer.

So tell me, Twitter, if you’re not censoring my timeline, just what are you doing? Where are my tweets and retweets going? And why can’t I see back past midnight last night? I’ve never needed to before, so is this normal?

And if it is Twitter censorship, why? As a US company you surely should not be toadying to the British government in this way (if, indeed, you are) – it is, after all, bugger all to do with you as long as I’m not breaking the law, and even in this septic isle, freedom of speech still exists (for a given value of freedom, anyway – just don’t make jokes about airports on Twitter!).

Or can it be that our fuckwit government has found a way to delete Twitter content with which it disagrees, in which case, why is it not happening to everyone else saying what a bunch of mendacious arsewipes they are? There’s no shortage of hatred for Cameron and his merry bunch of slavemasters on Twitter, after all.

Can it possibly be because I’ve been taking swipes at the Tories since 5 months before  the election, and I’ve finally tripped their radar, this being my first blog post about their policies for the disabled, from December 17 2009 https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/disability-benefits-under-the-tories/  and, at Cameron in person since just after the election, and  they’re getting fed up?

I really have no idea, but if anybody else out there, and not on my timeline, is having similar problems, please post a comment with details.

** FUBAR – Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition


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  1. Update – 14.20 Feb 18 – all retweets for Cameron’s Pogrom and my workfare tweet from today have all been deleted in the last half hour.

    This is getting serious.

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