Campaigning bloggers – want a louder voice?

Bloggers campaigning against the cuts, WRB, and Workfare, and let’s not forget the NHS are, for the most part, being drowned out by the government’s propaganda machine, the output of which is circulated by the right-wing press and even the BBC (though the Workfare tide appears to be turning, if slowly, and the dishonesty behind the NHS screw-up has been rumbled).

Plus, to a large extent, we’re preaching to the converted.

Then, over the last couple of days, a friend sent a link to this post to Anne Begg, MP, and another emailed it to the Guardian’s political editor – which gave me an idea.

Why not try to enlist our friends, subscribers, Twitter followers, and other readers to spread the word? I suggest, on appropriate posts, adding a footnote along these lines:-

“If you liked this, and agree with it, please copy it and email it to as many newspapers (I suggest the news desk or political editor), and politicians as you can (a prefatory note explaining what you’re doing and why would be useful), and be sure to include the URL so that anyone interested can respond. Thank you. “

If enough bloggers can be encouraged to do that, it should give us a louder voice. In theory, my blog reaches 583 people directly ( subscribers and Twitter followers), plus retweets, regular readers who neither subscribe nor use Twitter, and everyone else who comes across it, so I think the idea has legs if other bloggers get behind it. Even if not, I intend to do it.

And I think putting a copy in front of people may well be more effective than simply tweeting a link, though doing that too couldn’t hurt, of course, especially for those who would rather remain anonymous.

I know many will be  concerned about waiving their copyright, but in this instance I think it’s justified. And, if felt desirable, a rider could he added:-

NB: This applies only to posts bearing this request: normal copyright law applies elsewhere.

Though I think the majority of people will realise that anyway. There might be an argument to be made that sending out copies rather than links damages the stats, but I think that reaching a wider audience is worth it, especially as, for the most part, the recipients will be people who wouldn’t have read your blog anyway, but might well do so in the future. I really can’t see a downside, and it costs nobody anything but a little time.

The alternative, copying our own stuff to newspapers and MPs, rather smacks of self-promotion. I think it will have more impact coming from an uninvolved third party.

3 thoughts on “Campaigning bloggers – want a louder voice?

  1. I think this is a very good idea Ron. I’ve sort of toyed with the idea of coming up with some sort of template for just this sort of thing. Although, the template would need to be altered to individual circumstances. Blowing my brains out over every forum and FAQ I can find, I can get close to the info I need, but it really seems that expert advice is needed in alot of cases, including mine. Still though, damn good idea, and we should at least try to implement this somehow.

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