Powerchair problems…

If you’re shopping for a powerchair, read this first. Save yourself some hassle.

On February 3 I ordered my new powerchair from Go-Active Leisure Ltd. Because of my condition, I opted for Engineer assembled delivery at a cost of £70 extra.

I wanted it before my hospital appointment on the 13th, on the 6th, discussions having indicated that this would be unlikely, I opted for courier delivery (something I still regret as unpacking the bastardly thing and fitting the batteries damn near did for me), which is free, and delivery should have been on Friday, the 10th.

However, for reasons that remain unexplained, except for a half-arsed, incoherent, denial (disproved by the courier, TNT, whose driver I sincerely hope gave whoever was responsible a bollocking for trying to drop him in it), when TNT tried to collect my chair on the Thursday, the place was closed.

Not only that, it failed to occur to anybody that they’d missed TNT, and that my chair was still cluttering the place up, until the following day. It was hard to miss, FFS – it was in a bloody big box! So – was anybody actually there at all?

Anyway, collection was rearranged for Friday, which meant deliver would be Monday, and I’d miss my appointment – possibly. I didn’t cancel just in case it came early enough for me to still make it. It didn’t, and even if it had come at the crack of dawn, I still wouldn’t have made it.

TNT told me they’d collected the chair – GoActive, apparently, just couldn’t be arsed.

In much the same way as they couldn’t be arsed refunding my £70, or apologising for their cock-up on the Thursday. (NB: In many years of shopping online, the only major problems I’ve had is getting refunds – people are quick to take your money, bloody slow when giving it back!

So, I’ve just sent a fairly terse – but polite, for now – reminder. I also, at the time, stashed a few screencaps confirming the fact that engineer-accompanied delivery was £70, and that courier delivery was – and still is – free.

This, by the way, is their About us page – have a look at it. This is the page that’s supposed to encourage people to do business with them – just count the typos, random capitals, and general crapola that the most ham-fisted typist would be mortally ashamed of. Deeply unimpressive.

And no, being disabled isn’t an excuse. I’m disabled, and if I published that I’d be mortified. Of course, I never would, because I have something they clearly don’t – standards.

Do I seem a tad peeved? Well, I think I’m entitled to. I am so ill, now, and having had to unpack the chair and fit the batteries (over 50lb each and my joints still hurt), contributed in no small way to that, that I’ve had to cancel all my hospital appointments as there is not the remotest possibility of my being able to keep them in the foreseeable future. Plus, as I explained in this post, I couldn’t see any benefit – it’s only now I’m coming to realise that I was feeling that way, at such a low ebb, because the buggeration of the chair had left me totally wiped out, in considerable pain and not a little depressed. Oh well, I wasn’t entirely wrong about them not being of any benefit, and I still feel I made the right decision.

Anyway, on the plus side yesterday, Wednesday, I spent mostly in my chair, spring-cleaning, which mostly meant taking out accumulated crap that I’d felt too buggered to take out over the winter, and using the chair meant it could be done with the minimum of effort and I ended the day feeling pretty damn good, and not remotely exhausted – a good argument for becoming a full-time wheelie at some point.

Oh, and I went out with my satnav to check on the actual speed of the chair, which feels like much more than the claimed 4mph. Two things became apparent. My other chair was way slower than 4mph, and this one does, on a very, very, rough stretch of paving (a circular path in the garden), 5.6mph. On the road I might be able to squeeze a tad more out of it. Either way, it’s quite definitely not a Class 2 pavement machine, nor is it quite Class 3 (6 to 8mph), road legal, though I think my idea of fitting it with lights and indicators is a good one. After all, if it’ll do that speed, there’s no point in turning it down to use on the pavement when I can use it on the road. I doubt plod will bother checking my actual speed.

I know, though, from the Jazzy 1120XL I had around the turn of the century (5.5mph), that the extra speed makes a vast difference to journey times compared to 4mph (almost 20 minutes less on the Sainsbury’s run, for example).



2 thoughts on “Powerchair problems…

  1. OMG Ron,
    you do realise now that the spies from the DWP will read your blog and, based on the fact that you assembled your chair and felt great after spring cleaning, will send you off to work in a vehicle manufacturing plant? Plus if you can now go at 5.6mph you could easily be put to work as a “postal delivery operative” since that is more than double the speed of our local “posty” (or should I say “Listonosz “, you may need an online Polish to English translator) While on the subject it really bugs me that our posty is either talking on the phone, or texting, when he delivers in our road. In the last 3 weeks we have had 11 letters delivered to us that were addressed to neighbours and at least 4 of our letters were delivered to other people! I guess you can’t get the staff!

    • Ah – screw ’em! I passed retirement age a couple of years ago!

      Screw Firefox too! No matter what I do, that apostrophe won’t come out right! (Though how it’s perceived by others depends on their font setting – mine is TNR.)

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