Bullshit advice from NICE re CFS…

From Pulse:-

GPs should advise patients with chronic fatigue to wait and see if their tiredness resolves itself with six months, recommend UK researchers who looked at the time course of symptoms.

NICE guidelines currently advise treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome after four months of symptoms, but this trial in 222 patients found fatigue can ‘improve substantially’ within six months and should be left alone.

This, of course, is complete garbage, as results from a mere 222 people are utterly meaningless (to reach a statistically meaningful conclusion a minimum of 1,000 subjects are the gold standard). The only valid interpretation of NICE’s results is that they should go away and do it properly. Bad research is worse than no research at all.

That’s all there is to say, really, other than it’s yet another attempt to trivialise what can be a life-destroying illness, as CFS might, and often is, in reality, be ME.