Voting for the Tory Superparty in 2015?

According to the Guardian, Ed Miliband said cutting the top rate of tax was the wrong priority and the focus should be on reinstating working tax credits for up to 200,000 working couples “trying to do the right thing”.

Laudable on the face of it, but the implications of those six words in quotes need some thought.

Working couples are trying to do the right thing – which, by extrapolation, very strongly suggests that he believes that people who are not working and not in a relationship are doing the wrong thing. A less radical interpretation is that people who are working are doing the right thing, and maybe being a couple is only a peripheral issue.

Either way, the implication is that the many thousands of people who are unable to work because they are chronically sick and disabled, or just disabled are doing the wrong thing by not working (like we have any goddamn choice!), and straying further from his lame-brained ideal if we have the temerity to be singletons.

So, once more, Miliband sides with the Tories (both blue and yellow), on this issue, confirming – as if confirmation were needed – that under Miliband Labour continues on course as the Tory Lite party, and he’ll never stop sucking up to the Downing Street Psycho. (Point-scoring against Cameron in PMQs is really pretty trivial.)

In 2015, then, are all three major parties going to merge into one amorphous Tory Superparty, led by Supertwat Cameron? Or are we going to be left with the choice of voting for Tories based on the colour of their logo, regardless of what the words say?

Sure as hell looks that way…

It’s long past time that Labour Party members took Miliband by the throat (I would have said by the balls, but that would have been a vain quest), and reminded him what being leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition actually means (here’s a clue, Eds, it doesn’t mean agreeing with every fucking insane  policy Cameron comes up with to persecute the sick and disabled). Or – and here’s a thought, Labour – unload the useless bugger and elect a leader who isn’t going to spend his or her time halfway up the Shiny Pillock’s arse.

You really haven’t got long to get this right…

3 thoughts on “Voting for the Tory Superparty in 2015?

  1. Yet again Ron you have hit the nail on the head. However a 6″ nail through Camarons ” head” might cause the Pillock the right degree of agony! As for Miliband, time he joined his predecessor on the Failed squadron!

  2. Everyone needs time off to enjoy themselves but when there are very serious talks about saving our beloved institutes such as the NHS from the Tories ax, then very senior politicians in opposition really need to do their best to help to prevent it happening.

    However, it appears that Dead-Head Ed couldn’t be bothered. He would rather be watching football:

    OK, I admit, the match was on the next day later and dead-head was feeling better by then, but it makes you wonder just how important the NHS really is to him.

    What I would give to have just one day completely free of severe pain…

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