The end of the NHS? Maybe. The end of Clegg? It has to be…

“No amount of cajolery…can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory party… they are lower than vermin.” ~ Nye Bevan


The NHS will continue for a while yet, hopefully until we get to the 2015 elections, when we can empty these fuckers out and set about recreating it – but rest assured, it will never be the same again, there simply isn’t the money to undo all the damage.

But as I said on Twitter, this is entirely Clegg’s fault, as is the enabling of Cameron’s insane ambition to trash the benefits system too. Clegg’s obsession with power made him Cameron’s facilitator – without him, even had he managed to cling on, Cameron would have been powerless.

Tories have always been against the NHS – they voted unanimously against the original bill at every stage, and since 1948 it’s been every Tory politician’s wet dream to destroy the NHS and the Welfare State.

Only Cameron, though, has been such an insane fuckwit as to actually do it.

Can’t really blame him, any more than you can blame a rabid dog for ripping your face off – but we can, and we must, apportion the blame where it is 100% due – on Clegg, whose duplicity, mendacity, and lust for power made Cameron’s wet dream a reality, along with his party of gutless wonders who didn’t have a single working gonad between them to stand up to him and say Enough!

And we must remember that Clegg is responsible, and never forgive him for it. Or forget him, until he is erased from British politics, and maybe not even then as his is a name that will live on in infamy.

In 2015 we must – all of us, and those of our children who will be eligible to vote by then – ensure that Clegg is consigned to the cesspit of history, where he truly belongs.

No matter what else happens at that election, Clegg must never again be put in a position of power. He simply cannot be trusted.

And we must ensure that the Liberal Democrats, if not eradicated for allowing Clegg to do what he’s done, must be returned to the days when, as political commentators loved to claim, they held their annual conference in a telephone box.

(Actually, it was the Liberal party then, but let’s not be picky.)


2 thoughts on “The end of the NHS? Maybe. The end of Clegg? It has to be…

  1. What you are talking about here is Social Engineering full on. It is not just about the welfare system or the Health reforms… Alternative medicine is under attack, and gas prices are ever increasing, so higher food costs etc etc ad nauseam. Look at the USA as it is now, we are heading that way too, add corperatising the police force and taking children away from parents at alarming rates and you’,ve got the picture. 1984 here we come! What bothers me is that people go out and protest thinking it will make a difference, it won;t! The elite up in their towers are laughing at us. HOW can we stop them?

    • How can we stop them? I can’t see a way. Oh, Twitter is overflowing with hyperbole about revolution, and how vigils in support of the NHS are gutless, while those same people probably thought camping out at St. Paul’s actually was a valid protest against the Stock Exchange a couple of streets away (no, guys, it wasn’t – your logic would have seen occupywallst camped at St. Patrick’s cathedral).

      Look at the damage that’s been done in just 2 years – how much worse can it get with three still to go? Revolution will, I believe, come, which is why I also believe the 13,500 armed soldiers being imported for “Olympic security” may well find a permanent home in London afterwards.

      Revolution, though, has a major handicap – successive governments have devoted considerable energy to disarming honest citizens (while, of course, leaving crooks and gangs, and the occasional maniac, armed to the teeth), which makes staging any sort of a rebellion tricky.

      Unless the LibDems abandon Clegg and withdraw their support – and if what’s happened this past few weeks hasn’t moved them to do so I don’t know what will – then we’re saddled with this bunch until 2015, and maybe beyond, as Cameron does have quite a lot of support, and screwing the sick and disabled has proven, thanks to almost 2 years of lies and propaganda, to be a popular move. Add the fact that the Tories are busy gerrymandering the electoral constituencies and we might be stuck with the bastard for decades.


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