Revisiting Twitter’s retweet censorship…

Some time ago I complained about Twitter deleting retweets of contentious tweets and tweeted blog posts – they still are.

Since then, though, I’ve set Twitter to email me whenever someone retweets anything of mine, and it’s become apparent that not only are retweets still being deleted, some aren’t even reaching me at all.

Some, but by no means all, of the missing Tweets are still visible on Android Twitter, but are gone from web Twitter, MetroTwit (which I normally use), and TweetDeck, which I checked for comparison.

I also had a look using my new laptop which, being unused has nothing in the browser cache and no cookies – it also has no retweets.

Problem is, I have no idea what’s going on, who’s to blame, and no idea how to fix it, but I do know that if any one thing is going to drive me away from Twitter, it’s this.

Having said that, this has only been a problem since I switched from TweetDeck (which now officially sucks, since they killed off the 140-characte-busting, to MetroTwit, which interfaces more or less seamlessly with TwitLonger. And it really is time Twitter realised that there are many occasions  when it’s impossible to say anything sensible in 140 characters, especially when addresses eat into that allowance.

At the moment, then, I’ve got Seesmic  to try (though I resent apps that won’t allow me to download then install, but insist on installing it from their web page – I want to virus-scan the bugger!), and have tried and rejected  Sobee for being half-arsed and not having a Mentions column, and DestroyTwitter, which looks excellent but is very slow to refresh** and clunky – also fails to show existing DMs.

**I wouldn’t mind slow if it was just that, but it pauses for 30 seconds then dumps a load of tweets in my timeline at once. That’s adjustable up to an hour – what the hell is the point of that? Or I can refresh manually – too tedious and will dump zillions of tweets in my timeline all at once if I’m away from Twitter doing something else (I can get 2 or 3 tweets a second at busy times). A pity about that, as it does allow you to set up filters to eliminate crap, porn, and the output of  obsessive retweeters.

I’ve also tried Blu, which looks good, but displays in a very small pane and only one column at a time – again, way too tedious. It also, despite its tiny viewable size, has a rep as a memory hog.

None so far tried allow you to break of out the 140 character constraint.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and installed Seesmic. That looks good, and displays nicely out of the box but, once again, has no Mentions column – look, if you can’t design a Twitter client that matches Twitter’s basic layout, don’t bother.

It has the normal timeline – called Home, Replies that I’ve sent, and replies I’ve received, which is sort of Mentions (if you read this could I ask you to retweet it – see if it shows up in replies received – thanks), but displays NOTHING for the past 22 hours, while the other columns are current (is this a bug?). It also interfaces with TwitLonger, so I’m going to give it a try.

However, in terms of basic, user-friendly functionality, so far, there is nothing that’s even as good as MetroTwit.

5 thoughts on “Revisiting Twitter’s retweet censorship…

  1. I like seemic but the alert every time someone on my timeline tweets is annoying, I much prefer Tweetdecks alert only when I have mentions.
    Although not being able to copy paste on tweetdeck is annoying.

    • God no – can’t stand it! (My account is mostly shut down, just left because it’s needed to sign into some websites/blogs.

      Twitter’s fine if they#d get rid of the bugs, and they seem – for now, at least – to have fixed this one.

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