Another £10bn welfare budget cut. Could this be how?

Since the cuts currently in the system will reduce many people to penury, just where is that dishonest fuck Osborne going to find another £10 billion to strip out of the benefits system?

Short of having disabled people put down – a solution which no doubt appeals to his boss, whose obsession with and hatred of the disabled is positively insane  – I can see only one possibility. As well as ESA making it almost impossible for a disabled person to get into the support group – if you’re terminally ill you can work to you snuff it, stop whinging! – I suspect that the entire system – or perhaps DLA/PIP – will be closed to new applicants.

Further, if Cameron gets a majority in 2015 (and the assumption that, after this budget, he won’t is utterly facile), there is the possibility of the sick and disabled being stripped of their benefits and housed in workhouses and camps, fed, clothed, medicated, but that’s all. And even that much might be marginal, if some genius decides our drugs cost too much.

Why? Because, long-term, it will be vastly cheaper than paying benefits, and a very large proportion of the populace will have no difficulty getting right alongside that when they’re told it’s all the country can afford and that, ultimately, it represents the greatest good for the greatest number. The more so when that taxation pie chart drops through their letterbox showing how much we cost each taxpayer! While, of course, omitting data for how much we spend on defence, foreign aid,** and, of course, war.

**Sorry, but if we can’t afford to support our own vulnerable citizens, we can’t afford anybody else’s either.

It’s garbage of course, but it will be swallowed wholesale. However, if we can afford to forego many billions in “avoided” taxation, lend money we allegedly haven’t got (£7bn to Ireland, for example), get involved with wars that are bugger all to do with us – OK, they inherited Afghanistan and the tag end of Iraq but, hey, they found the money for Libya, just as they’ll find money for upcoming conflicts in the Middle East if we get sucked in, as we surely will – then we can afford to support the most vulnerable members of our society.

The problem is not that the country, under Cameron, cannot afford us, the problem is that Cameron hates** each and every one of us, and wants us gone from British society – really, I think he’s unhinged enough to want us gone from the face of the earth. It is, I believe, really that simple, and he is aided and abetted in his pogrom by his Propagandist-in-Chief IDS, his Master of Lies in the House of Lords, Lord Freud, and his tame but remarkably stupid Rottweiler of a chancellor.

**It’s no secret that I believe that Cameron is unhinged, and hates us for still being alive when his son, Ivan, isn’t, and sees us as, from his perverted perspective, “thriving” on state benefits. I also think he uses Ivan as a benchmark against which we are all judged and, inevitably, found wanting – hence the engineered failure of ESA to support the sick and disabled.

And if you think this country would never sink so low, just consider how quickly the sick and disabled have gone from being a suitable case for support by society as a whole, to being reviled, abused, and assaulted – it can only be a matter of time before someone is killed simply because they’re disabled.

Because we are blamed, by Cameron, and his coterie of mendacious arsewipes, for all the ills of society – and huge numbers of people are all too ready to believe this, without a scintilla of evidence, because a mob has little intelligence and no conscience.

So, given that the bulk of the news media in this increasingly benighted land, including the BBC, in breach of its charter, sides with Cameron and Co, and that the government has shown itself to be utterly immoral, ruthless, and dishonest, from the top down,  just who do you think is going to take up the cudgels on our behalf when the modern-day tumbrels roll?

Anybody? Because let’s face it, the people making most of the noise in our defence are the sick and disabled, and there are far more of us, and have been for some years, than you might think.

Take us out of circulation, and the silence will be deafening…

And for those of you reading this and thinking, “Yeah, serve the buggers right,” just bear in mind one little thing – it could, so very easily, be you. Or your child.

None of us want to be sick and disabled, but some of us were born that way – we had no say in the matter, no more than did those who had disability thrust upon them through no fault of their own. Some of us even got whacked with the disability stick twice, at birth or soon after and, more severely, later in life, as I did.

Should we be punished for something we never wanted any part of?

Should you? Your child? Your aging, failing, parents?

And let us, none of us, forget the lesson of history – it’s a short step from storing people in camps to storing them in the ground.

Very short…

NB: I make no apologies for the fact that much of this has already been published – it’s even more pertinent now.

5 thoughts on “Another £10bn welfare budget cut. Could this be how?

  1. I am also disgusted the way sick and disabled are treated. I have worked since I was 16, went to uni and worked for the NHS for many years . I brought up a family as well. So I was overworked and underpaid ….. I have now been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS ,on top of that I have RA.
    I was awarded ESA and was told I did not need another medical for 3 years. Yep 3 years ,quite unusual apparently. Because I am married I was claiming contribution based. I received a call last week telling me that as from the end of April I will no longer be getting anything because I have been claiming for a year.
    I worked hard for 40 bloody years…….
    What to do
    1. Leave my husband
    2. Find a flat…has to be ground floor and private renting of course as there are no flats to be had….all taken by our overseas friends
    3. Now I can claim income based ESA and everything else

    Pants….of course I won’t do that because I am honest and boy it certainly doesn’t pay to be honest as I have found out, but it feels good on my concience.

    So after looking after the sick and disabled for 30 years, I am now sick and disabled….who looks after me ?

    • Jacqui,

      Your story is similar to mine. I worked for over 30 years, until I was struck down with various illness, and had to go on Incapacity Benefit a few years ago.

      I’m now waiting on the outcome of my ESA50, to see if I will be migrated over from IB to ESA. My mental health has deteriorated since I received the form, so much so, that I don’t think I’ll be well enough to go through the appeal process, which I think is what the DWP want.

      I couldn’t stop crying yesterday. I’ve gone from a healthy, professional, business woman, to one who relies on her husband and elderly mother for virtually everything. I have no pride left at all now. The condems have stripped that from me.

      I’m one of the lucky ones though. We can get by on my husband’s salary. That means that I won’t be added to the suicide numbers that are steadily climbing – ah! that’s where some of the £10bn will be saved.

  2. Last August a friend of mine who has suffered three strokes failed his medical assessment. Obviously he appealed against the DWP’s decision and won his appeal in November.

    The day he told me of his victory, he tried his best to wave his DWP letter in the air just as Neville Chamberlain had done after returning from his meeting with Hitler back in 1938. The letter stated that my friend will not be expected to attend future medicals nor jobcentre interviews.

    He and his wife were so adamant that his benefits are now safe and were so happy until I suggested that they buy a picture frame and frame his letter in it, then hang it on a wall of shame as a reminder of the lies that all of our politicians spout everyday. I told them that all it needs is a change of policy or government and he, along with the rest of us will be up shit creek without a paddle yet again. He couldn’t get his head around what I had said (it may be because of his strokes,) though I think his wife finally did.

    He may believe me if he has read this or similar article:

  3. Hi TTD,
    I applied for DLA as well and of course they sent some ARSE of a so called doctor to assess me at home. Need I mention the outcome. I then appealed , what a waste of time. Anyway I wasn’t granted DLA despite the fact I can no longer do my bra up or put on my shoes or walk more than 20 yards etc,etc.
    I know other people have successfully been awarded DLA but sadly not me. If I did not have my car then I would be housebound. I drive to town and use the shop mobility scooters .
    I am disgusted by the way we are treated .i am sure they would be far happier if we just crawled away and died.
    If you have to go to appeal then make sure that you have someone who knows about the appeal system to help you with the forms.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that and that you get the award.

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