Chronically sick and disabled? It’s now, more than ever, time to fight back…

(Previously published June 2011 and more relevant than ever now.)

Great Britain is diminished by its leaders, and we have to take a stand against the tide of prejudice and bigotry that is set to overwhelm us.

And this, among many other reasons, is why – Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson’s horrendous account of  abuse in the Daily Mail

Trust me, when Osborne’s bigoted tax pie chart starts thudding through letter-boxes, this isn’t going to get any better.

The main cause is the activities of those apologies for human beings, Cameron, Clegg, Osborne, IDS, Grayling, and anyone else you’d like to tack on the end – disseminating their catalogue of lies, disinformation and malice about sick and disabled people, seemingly without any end in sight. Every week sees these fuckers slopping a new bucket of shit over a population all-too-willing to swallow their bile and venom.

If we were Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Gypsies,** Gays – pretty much any minority group you care to name, half the cabinet would be in jail by now for stirring up hatred against us. But we’re not any of those groups, who have the protection of the law – we’re perceived as an easy target, and that has to change, because what this government is doing to us, along with those scurrilous newspapers who lap up and recirculate their garbage, and the BBC, is hate crime by any definition.

**Well, maybe not Gypsies – remember Dale Farm?

An online acquaintance, who is disabled and living in Scotland – in a place where using a car is absolutely essential – had her car vandalised today. Why? Because she displayed a Blue Badge.

That’s what this country has come down to – gutless fuckers vandalising a disabled person’s car for no better reason than that they are disabled. Are you happy, Cameron, you smarmy greaseball cocksucker?

This is what Cameron and his coterie of latter-day Nazis is aiming for – turn the country against us. It starts with the cretins, and similar mindless slimeballs – the ones with black fingertips from reading the redtops or the Mail; the morons who can’t read if they get chapped lips – but it pretty damn soon goes mainstream, as history has proven.

It’s been suggested – and I don’t entirely buy into it – that bigotry,  violence, abuse, prejudice, and persecution, targeting the sick and disabled, isn’t seen as being the same as it was for other, more well-known, minority groups.

Sorry, yes it is – they simply don’t care, and see us as an easy target. It’s a relatively short step from kicking in a car in Scotland today to kicking a Negro to death in 1953, in the Deep South. The difference is in the degree, not in the act itself – they do know what they do, they know full well. The car today – the driver next time? It’s not a matter of if just when. And where.

This is the first such example I’ve heard of – anybody out there know different? I’m damn sure it won’t be the last, though

Twitter comments suggest that reporting offences like this to the police is futile but report them we must – they can’t spend all their time kicking lumps off students and wheelies – they must do some real work between demos, so report, and badger them incessantly until they get so fed up they’ll do something just to get some peace!

In the meantime, report attacks – on property, on you, or your friends and family – here, to me as well as to the police, and I’ll put together a register of such offences, maybe if I can get this post widely circulated, it will bring in enough information to compile such a register. Just post a comment at the end of this blog post.

All I need is the time, place, and the nature of the attack, whether against property or person.

Please be brief – I have my own problems as my Twitter followers will probably know, so don’t swamp me in rhetoric – just the basics.

Then, if I get enough information, it can be sent to the newspapers, TV channels and radio stations. Oh, with a copy to Call me Dave, too, but the media are vital, so he can’t hide it.

To help spread the word, please retweet this post – the more people who read it, the more word will spread, and the more information will come in.

Never forget, if you are sick and/or disabled, this IS your fight. Many of us aren’t up to a physical confrontation – I’m sure as hell not – so, don’t just think about it – let’s do this thing, starting now.

4 thoughts on “Chronically sick and disabled? It’s now, more than ever, time to fight back…

  1. A colleague of mine suggested that, to stop able-bodied “scroungers” taking advantage, all Motability cars should be prominently marked “disabled”. Apparently, in her world, the “genuine” disabled shouldn’t mind that. Her world where “scroungers” are a bigger and more immediate issue than violence directed at disabled people, in other words a parallel universe. The lies and misinformation are everywhere 😦

    • Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, your colleague! It’s easy to tell a Motability vehicle (usually a shit colour that the car companies can’t unload! 😉 ), but obviously I’m not telling the psychos what it is.

  2. Read an earlier blog in full ” praise” of Scameron and his total vendetta against the disabled. ” Sleazy, nasty, cruel, mean spirited, dishonourable, contemptible, despicable, disrespectful, seedy, sordid, squalid, grubby, dodgy, corrupt, immoral, dishonest, crooked Tories! Any further adjectives welcome.”

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