A message for Ed Miliband…

Ed Miliband: ‘this will be a one-term government’ (The Observer)


Don’t bank on it, Ed – not unless your party finds itself a leader who isn’t a Tory in the wrong-coloured tie, and who hasn’t completely lost track of what being leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition means.

What it means, Ed, is that you don’t embrace pretty much every Tory policy while giving them an occasional kicking in PMQs, in the hope we won’t notice the reality. Ditto Osborne – even someone like you, who mostly fails to understand the concept of opposition, couldn’t avoid giving him a good seeing-to after having been presented with such a huge target as his egregious budget.

Something else you don’t do, Ed, is repeat the lies from Cameron and IDS about how the sick and disabled are “dragging this country down”. You promised they’d stop – but they still keep popping up, like bubbles in a cess-pit.

I believe that if you remain leader of the Labour Party, there’s every chance of Cameron being returned with a working majority in 2015 – and if that happens the workhouses and camps for the sick and disabled (because they’ll be more cost-effective than paying benefits), will go up with a speed and propaganda campaign that will make your head spin.

And it will be your fault for failing, utterly, to create a credible gap between your policies and those of Cameron and co. Not to mention surrounding yourself with a cabinet personally hand-picked by you, in consequence of which none of them are likely to tell you what you need to know (though I don’t see how you can’t possibly know) – which is that you’ve made your party into ToryLite, and that is simply not acceptable to the rank and file of your party.

Nor is the excuse that Blair started the process even remotely viable, should you be tempted – that you chose to continue the trend, rather than reverse it, was entirely your choice.

In 2015, Bradford might turn out not to have been a blip at all.

Have a nice day.

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  1. I’ve been a Labour voter since I came of age. At this moment in time I will vote for Labour once again, which may be for very the last time. Whether that’s due to my death, I cannot say.

    However, what I will say is that if Labour is elected in 2015 (which I very much doubt at present) and unless they do better for the ordinary person rather than for their favourite bankers and billionaire business friends, I will then have the same regard for Labour as I have always had for the Tory party. Thus I will never vote for them again.

    Unfortunately for England and Wales, if Cameron gets his timing right, say in late 2014, early 2015, he could achieve another Khaki election, provided we have a new victorious conflict against Argentina just as Maggie did 30 years ago.


    Just watch Channel 4 news tonight and they have reported that the government is looking into doing something that Labour wanted to do a few years ago and that is to record ALL phone calls, Emails, texts and posts on Facebook, Twitter and any other networking sites. I can see that Cheshire Cat smile on Miliband’s face never mind Cameron’s.

    • There’s every chance I won’t be here by 2015, but if, somehow, I am, I’ll vote Labour, if Miliband is still there, only because if Labour voters scatter their votes among the smaller parties in protest, it’ll guarantee a majority for Cameron because, whatever their faults, Tory voters are loyal to the party no matter what.

      As for Internet spying, it’s been all over Twitter for the last couple of days, and it’s mostly sensationalist bullshit intended to scare people.

      Before we even need to start worrying about it, it has to make it to the Queen’s speech, and then there’s still a way to go before it’s a threat. And even it it becomes law – and if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year it’s this – if Cameron wants it, it’ll happen, even if he has to invoke the Parliament Acts – there’s a lot we can do to make life as difficult for the spooks as possible, and this is a good place to start.

      And putting aside, for a moment, the principle involved in spying on honest citizens, unless someone does something terminally dumb, like trying to organise a riot on Facebook, or organising any criminal event by email or IM, no-one really has a problem. The point is, though, as someone said on Twitter, 1984 was fiction, not an instruction manual – if it happens, it will be incumbent upon all of us to ensure we cause the bastards as much hardship as we can in collecting information.

      Someone else said we should all put a bunch of keywords in every email, and swamp the system with crap. The flaw in that is that “everybody” simply won’t do it – and the relatively few suckers who do will get sentences that will dissuade everybody else.

      I don’t, by the way, think there’ll be another Falklands war – we’d probably get creamed, with so many troops and so much hardware tied up in Afghanistan, plus all the cuts that have taken place (we don’t even have an aircraft carrier, never mind troop carriers, nor do we have Harriers now, and Argentina has a lot more support than it had last time). Of course, what might give Cameron confidence to chance his arm is that Argentina has greatly reduced its standing army, but that’s another reason why neighbouring countries might come in on their side.

      Bottom line, though, besides whether it’s worth a single death to support a few hundred people who are only notionally British and at the other end of the world, is that Argentina has not even given the slightest indication that it’s interested in another invasion.

      It’s all been Cameron.


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