Dave does god…

David Cameron ventured where even Tony Blair feared to tread (quoth the Guardian), quoting from the Gospel of Luke, speaking of ‘we Christians’, and welcoming the Christian ‘fightback’. ‘The values of the Bible, the values of Christianity, are the values that we need’, he said.

Oh, ffs! Has the dumb bastard ever read Leviticus (slavery, killing adulterers, among others)? Or Genesis, with that archetypal arsewipe, Lot, offering his daughters to the mob to protect visiting “angels”?

Are these, and other examples of violence, cruelty, and death,  almost without number throughout the Old Testament, the “values of the Bible” we all need?

And where, Dave, you hypocrital arsehole, assuming that you’re more inclined to the New Testament, is your Christian charity when it comes to the chronically sick and disabled?

Where does it say, in this book of fairy tales that you’re so fond of,  “Yea, and thou shalt persecute those who suffer sickness, and who are infirm in body, even unto penury and the taking of their own lives,”?

In your own time…


5 thoughts on “Dave does god…

  1. Ha Ha.

    Look, after telling us we should all “hug a hoodie” all those years ago I listen to zero that comes out of his gob, and I’d suggest everyone else do the same. He has turned me off since that statement. Prior to it I thought he might be ‘all right’

    Why was he still voted in after that? Didn’t that hug a scrote crap give everyone just the smallest of clues as to what’s in his head?!

    I’m so angry with the great British public, of which I’m one – first we send Mr Blobby to No:1 (yeah I know it was years ago) then we send ‘Huggster Dave’ to Downing St – ffs! Get a grip people, get a grip!

    • Ah, there’s the rub – he wasn’t voted in. He assumed power via “constitutional” chicanery, but not having won a clear majority, he has no mandate for anything he’s done and, as I’ve said, Clegg is the real villain – without him and his lust for power, Cameron could have done nothing.

  2. I stand corrected about the voted in thing.

    We still treat him as the Govnor – shaking hands with us, chatting away like he’s known us all his life. Jetting off to look at monuments with Presidents. Let’s just STOP acknowledging him as being Prime Minister. We are millions, he is but one. It starts with radio phone-ins, moves to the newspapers, of course the Internet, before you know it the precious opinion polls have him on his arse. Before you know it there’s a leadership challenge – he’s out!

    When did we lose our coconuts, Ron?

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