Be very careful with your vote in 2015…

I’m seeing a lot of advice, online, suggesting that people should vote for the Green Party, UKIP (wtf?), or pretty much any of the smaller parties, rather than Labour or Conservative. Or LibDems for that matter.

To do that would bring down upon us a disaster of truly epic proportions.

Why? Simple, Tory voters are loyal to the party even if they loathe its leader (in the 70s and 80s I knew many Tory’s who despised Thatcher but would never have contemplated voting for another party), and if potential Labour voters scatter their votes among a flotilla of smaller parties and independents, then you can be absolutely certain of only one result.

That, of course, would be the return of Cameron and his sharp-suited Nazis with a working majority, possibly a massive one, and if you think the sick and disabled have it bad now, you sure as hell ain’t seen nothing yet. As I said in an earlier post (and have been speculating about for over a year now, having seen nothing to change my mind):-

“…if Cameron gets a majority in 2015 (and the assumption that, after this budget, he won’t is utterly facile), there is the possibility of the sick and disabled being stripped of their benefits and housed in workhouses and camps, fed, clothed, medicated, but that’s all. And even that much might be marginal, if some genius decides our drugs cost too much.

Why? Because, long-term, it will be vastly cheaper than paying benefits, and a very large proportion of the populace will have no difficulty getting right alongside that when they’re told it’s all the country can afford and that, ultimately, it represents the greatest good for the greatest number.”(end)

While I have grave reservations about Labour under Miliband, I have hopes that they’ll empty out the useless bugger in time to present the country with a valid alternative in 2015. Even if they don’t I would still vote Labour. I simply cannot afford not to.

Having Cameron in power with a working majority would be a major disaster for the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and the poor of this country on a level that, right now, would be almost beyond comprehension for most people.

The seeds, though, have been sown – as should be obvious to those with the will to see – and the sick and disabled are already 21st century untermenschen – sub-humans that this government, in the pursuance of Cameron’s Pogrom, is happy to leave to die, while continuing to persecute  those still living – the ethos of Nazi Germany writ increasingly large with every day that passes.

That is what squandering your vote is likely to get you. Is that what you want?

None of us want to be sick and disabled, and effectively punishing us for it is – which is actually what this government is doing – is positively obscene.

While some of you out there might think it’s none of your concern, being neither sick nor disabled, bear in mind that a chance encounter with a wandering bacterium, or virus, or an accident, stroke, or heart problem, could see you join our ranks at the drop of a hat.

It is your concern – it’s everybody’s, because even if you never succumb, it’s very good odds that a member of your family won’t be so lucky.

8 thoughts on “Be very careful with your vote in 2015…

  1. I agree totally with your post…I tell people over and over again they HAVE to vote Labour or we will have another 5 years of the same…..IF we survive till the next election that is.
    What I find hardest to accept is the fact that ordinary people really can’t grasp what this government is doing and how they can prevent it carrying on after 2015….I keep hearing….but Labour this…..and Labour that…..yes….we KNOW Labour are by no means perfect….but Labour never tried to kill off the sick,poor and disabled by any means possible!!

  2. I hear you loud and clear Ron, I have been trying to say the same on my blog and forum with mixed results. I agree if our Labour votes are cast to the wind nothing else remains but the Tories because the Lib Dems are finished this century at the next election.

    I will be voting Labour at the next local elections because I have no other alternative. I am faced with the choice of Tory, Lib Dem, Labour or the BNP. I cant vote for the first 2 being a socialist and much as I respect their rights to say what they want I couldn’t morally vote for the BNP. That leaves me Labour and better the devil I know.

    Labour started this pogrom on the disabled when they introduced the dreadful P.C.A. and the coalition have siezed the moment and “improved” it foisting the W.C.A. on to the disabled population of the UK.

    I dont think red Ed is the man to lead the Labour Party to victory, but I’m sure he knows that too as he is always looking over his shoulder and seeing his sibling, David slowly but surely clawing his way back into Party politics.

    So I hope you dont mind but I will put a link to this page on my forum under political soapbox and hopefully people will begin to realise what we face if Labour fail at the next election.

    • That the LibDems are finished is a popular view,and one I occasionally share, but I have a sneaking feeling that they’ll pick up more right-wing support than anyone expects.

      Nope, no problem with the link – the further it spreads, the better! 😉

  3. Can’t say much other than this is common sense; unfortunately as a good friend used to say “theres nowt common about sense”.

    We MUST get this message out

    • Thanks. What scares me, though – and no doubt someone will call me a racist – is the prospect of more largely immigrant communities doing something completely off the wall and electing more idiots like Galloway. That will trash the vote in traditional Labour strongholds.

      The one good thing is that Galloway has three years in which to revert to useless type – let’s hope he does.


  4. We can only hope the tax-payer finds out who has been taking there hard earned taxes, And making a big profit from them, off the back of the sick and disabled.
    But there are to many people with there heads in the sand and reading the daily mail. and the main stream media is worried/scared to open its mouth or print anything about ATOS the soul destroying WCA medical,and the lies being told on official documents that can destroy lives.

    The End Is Nigh

  5. Hi Ron,

    Though perhaps not quite on topic, I hope you don’t mind too much that I have linked this little snippet of a letter that I read via a Facebook group regarding someone’s experience with ATOS and the DWP and hopefully, it may convince a few doubting Thomas’ to vote for Labour in 2015 to be finally rid of this bloody-minded, uncaring government.

    Sourced from:

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