Tanker drivers’ strike and the long-term sick…

If you’re chronically sick and, as many of us do, get your meds delivered by the pharmacy, you might want to ensure that you’re well stocked by the time the strike starts (if it does, of course – we don’t know yet, despite recent, government-inspired hysteria – talks have just resumed after the Ester break).

The reason, of course, is that if fuel supplies dry up in your area, pharmacies are unlikely to be able to deliver to your home – there’s also the question of whether they’ll actually be able to get stock delivered themselves – though that might be further down the line that supplies for domestic vehicles running out.

If/when the strike is announced I intend to ask my GP for three months supply  of everything. And if it goes on longer than 2 months, look to restocking at that time, as deliveries to pharmacies might be patchy, and waiting til I get low foolish.

My GP is likely to stroke out if I ask for three months worth, as he hates prescribing anything before it’s due, but tough shit, he’ll have to deal with it, or deal with me if I run out through his inaction and simply can’t get more. He’s long overdue for a good seeing-to.

We should also look at finding ways to fetch or get our meds collected if home deliveries fail, as they well might, and GP won’t prescribe “just in case” – as always, it’ll be a lottery, as some will happily do so and, the awkward buggers won’t. My pharmacy is within powerchair reach, but inaccessible, so my meds would have to be ready to be passed out to me, not keep me hanging around in the rain and/or cold (reliably warm weather is still about a month away here, even further away further north).