No representation without taxation…

If pressed, I would have sworn that I’d written about the possibility of this scumbag government linking the right to vote to taxation – a logical move that would see millions of the sick, disabled and unemployed, who would happily vote them into oblivion, political and actual, in 2015 unable to do so.

And now, we have a numbnuts former Tory, whom dubs “Batshit” – which I think is remarkably restrained of them – peddling the idea.

The moron in question is one Tom Bursnall, who recently defected from the Tories to UKIP – so definitely a step down, even for a Tory – also thinks that rich people should get more votes.

It would be all too easy to write this clown off as an attention-seeking fruitcake, but I have little doubt that these are policies close to Cameron’s black and festering heart (and the rich vote having more clout isn’t exactly a new idea), and how easy would it be for him to persuade some numpty to defect to a party with zero credibility and spout this egregious crap? After all, it couldn’t come back and bite Cameron in the arse, could it?

Because, honestly, if he hasn’t been put up to blue-skying this idea by Cameron, or someone close to him, like one of his Toxic Twat Triumvirate (IDS, Osborne, Grayling), then he’s a bigger bloody fool than he appears to be already.

Wherever the idea originated, just don’t be too surprised  if Cameron or the TTT embrace it pretty soon.

You didn’t hear it here first, but I wish you had! 😉