Osborne – liar or just plain incompetent? Or both…

It’s not that long ago, shortly after being told we were effectively on our uppers, that we loaned Ireland £7bn of money we hadn’t allegedly got – anyone expecting that back any time soon?

And what was it? £11bn plus – I seem to recall seeing £14bn at one point – again, of money we allegedly didn’t have in the first place, to bomb the shit out of Libya. Well, we sure as hell don’t have it now.

And now £10bn to the IMF. Doesn’t matter that it’s a loan, it is still, right now, a £10bn hole in our in our national piggy-bank. And it’s still rich arseholes supporting even more bankers with our money.

It does seem that Osborne is either a pathological liar, when it comes to just how broke we are, or he is staggeringly and dangerously incompetent. Or, as I said – and I rather favour this answer – both.

Either way, it’s clear that he would much rather disburse money to all and sundry rather than use it to support the most vulnerable of our own citizens –  the chronically  sick and disabled.

Who, of course, are paying the real price for his largesse. And his fuckuppery.

13 thoughts on “Osborne – liar or just plain incompetent? Or both…

  1. Yes but the loan of 10 billion will be the money he is taking from those on benefits. Of course if he has not budgeted for it that will mean he will have to double the amount he is taking from those on benefits to pay for it.

  2. At least he managed to warn us in his budget speech which makes me think he’s a kind of Nadine Dorries figure. Sufficiently thick and arrogant to announce what anyone with a brain might think he is most likely to try to get away with.

  3. on the BBC news this morning, it said that the Government have only made 30% of their planned cuts so far…another 70% to go. Scary

      • just so! his and his cronies’ money will have been securely off-shored in tax efficient trusts many years/generations ago. They really care not a jot for anyone 😦 Perhaps time to adopt La Marseillaise as our new anthem?

        • Ha! Why do you think successive governments have gone to such lengths to disarm the average citizen – while, of course, leaving criminals and gangs armed to the teeth?

          The biggest pool of armed citizenry, now as historically, is probably the archers – until some smart-arse decides it’s a good idea to disarm us too. Maybe I should stockpile arrows?

  4. I did archery at school some 45 years ago before arthritis, C.O.P.D, Degenerative Disc Disease and a host of other shit set in, I got quite good at it. Sign me up for a long bow Ron

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