Addendum to Never mind the Jubilee – this country is going to hell in a handbasket!

It’s been suggested that the British people have no stomach for a republic, or for the revolution, political or actual, needed to bring it about. I’m not so sure.

As a former, small-r, royalist, I’ve felt for some years that I’ve been defending the increasingly indefensible (when that deranged old bat signed away the welfare state and the NHS it was the last straw), and when you look at the bunch of borderline nutters and no-hopers in varying degrees of line for the throne, I think support for the monarchy will wither when the Queen dies. If not before – I think she’s only hanging on, instead of abdicating,  because she knows what a bunch of losers she’s responsible for. Although I suspect Charles is probably bolshie enough to withhold the royal assent from bills he didn’t like the look of. Bit too late though – by the time he takes the throne, if he does, there’ll be nothing left to fight for.

One thing this country hasn’t had, so far, is a peoples’ revolution. We’ve had a variety of internal wars, but they’ve been one branch of the ruling classes attempting to wrest power from another, and occasionally succeeding. The Civil War, ending in Cromwell’s republic, was no different.

The people have never risen against the ruling classes, not in a serious, country-wide, way, there’ve just been a few spats down the centuries, and business has mostly gone on as usual.

But now the welfare state is in terminal decline and may soon be gone.

Ditto the NHS.

And, after last night’s farce in the Lords, nobody except those with very deep pockets will have access to the law, to even the most basic justice.

Also, the only way that the government can get the vast cuts from the benefits system that they’re still planning will be, as I’ve been saying for a long time now, to dump the benefits system and keep the chronically sick and disabled in camps and/or workhouses, which will be vastly more cost-effective than benefits, and I have little doubt that it’s already in the planning stage. What’s holding them up, in all probability is the question of managing a suitably economical death rate, though I don’t doubt that there are more than a few potential Shipmans around who would be ready to oblige, probably already working for Atos – it would explain a lot.

If the people of Britain sit still for any or all of this then, frankly, they’ll deserve what they get – and that will be a country modelled on mid-1930s Germany, with a government to match – let’s not forget, Hitler didn’t usurp power – he was elected – evidence, if it were needed, that democracy can get it wrong, and it has in this country. In fact, we don’t even have a democracy any longer, we have an elected dictatorship. Just like Germany had.

The propaganda machine was already in place, up and running within days of these arseholes assuming power, and is still spewing out lies. Cameron was on the BBC last night claiming that the petrol shortages of a few weeks ago were caused by the union calling a strike, which is a blatant lie – it was a direct result of Francis Maude’s big mouth. and I have no doubt that he was doing exactly as he was told. And the union STILL hasn’t called a strike.

The people of this country have to decide, and soon, whether they want Cameron’s Reich, or a democratic country, probably a republic, which looks after its own citizens, all of whom, regardless of wealth or privilege, will have the same access to healthcare and justice, and those who need it have the support of the more fortunate members of society.

It really is that stark a choice. Doing nothing is no longer an option.

8 thoughts on “Addendum to Never mind the Jubilee – this country is going to hell in a handbasket!

  1. As the saying goes or words to that effect it only takes good people to do nothing for bad people to prevail.

    I love your blogs Ron and I am with you all the way. What people need to realize is that the politicians are employed by the voters. Therefore surely there must be a way to sack them. Sorry if I sounds stupid the way it comes across as I am not very savvie with the workings of politics.

    Anyway keep up the good work.

    • Hi Paul,

      The big problem is that government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been a myth for a long time. Maybe it always has been. Oh, the Americans have enshrined it in their constitution, but there, as much as anywhere else, the masses are governed, and the wealthy elite govern. Just like here.

      There is no way to sack a politician, unless they commit a criminal act, and I’m not even sure about that as they tend to resign anyway.

      Their party can withdraw the whip if they transgress politically, at which point they can defect to the other side, become an independent, or apply for Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, which is the way MPs resign.

      As I said, the Queen has the power to fire a PM, but clearly she’s not going to.

      It’s not even a crime to lie to parliament, as this shower have proved time after time.

      Since political assassination tends to be frowned upon, and occasionally triggers a world war, that leaves the ballot box, and a major problem.

      Most people assume that these clowns will do so much damage between now and 2015 that they couldn’t get elected dog-catcher. I don’t buy that.

      The big problem, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, is that – here in England, at least – we have a largely dumb electorate, whose votes can be bought for a tax break in 2015, even though, if they stop to think, they’d realise that 2p off income tax is not a valid reason for giving anyone power for another 5 years, but I’ve seen it happen repeatedly. The Tory’s are past-masters at that – screw the people for 5 years, give them a few coppers, get welcomed back (though, to be fair, Labour have used tax as a bribe too).

      There are many thousands, possibly, ultimately, a million or more people whose lives are being, or going to be, trashed, but there are many millions more who aren’t affected at all, or only marginally so. Likewise the NHS – most people barely impact on it – if they did, it’d never cope. Those people are quite likely to vote them back. The more so because the electoral boundaries are being gerrymandered in such a way as to make a Labour victory almost impossible – many safe Labour seats will remain safe, but marginals and many others will be swept away entirely, or converted into seats Labour can never win.

      Another factor, which I wrote about a few weeks ago, is people might squander the Labour vote by voting for the minor parties, or for idiots like George Galloway, in protest, believing the lie that Labour caused the recession – which is so stupid it beggars belief). Or simply because, like me, they think Miliband is a useless bugger. It won’t take many results like Bradford to ensure Cameron is the come-back kid in 2015.

      And god help us all then.


  2. Well i dont think the Scots will lie down to this……The British people are sitting on a keg..its ready to on earth can people live on £60-00 per week and Cameron is doing these cuts and not putting anything in its placei,e, jobs ……..I lived in the states and everything was half price to here when i did my shopping over there i could throw a piece of clothing in with my shopping to rent an apartment it was half the price it is here…….the British people need to wake up .where has the spirit of the Empire gone???

    • Hmm . . . Pretty sure the spirit of empire went the same way as the empire. The problem is – and I’ve written about this before – we’ve given rise to a nation of pussies, whiny buggers who, at the slightest hint of, for example, snow turn over and go back to sleep, instead of getting up an hour earlier and dealing with it. I once walked 3 miles through a raging blizzard, to the station, because there were no buses, having already walked a mile to find that out. When I got to the office I found that people who lived much closer than me hadn’t even turned in.

      It’s worse now – people are just incapable of dealing with adversity, and wait for someone else to take care of it instead, and that includes Cameron and his motley crew. Hell, the EDL are scum, but they have convictions and the will to fight for them.

      People, and probably not most of them, are convinced that if they just wait, he’ll get kicked out in 2015 – that can’t get guaranteed, not when we have one of the laziest, dumbest, and least politically savvy electorates in Europe – and unless Labour gets its act together, with no effective opposition, I can see Cameron back with a working majority, and then we’re all screwed.

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