Never mind the Jubilee – this country is going to hell in a handbasket!

Note: Handbasket is the correct term. It is absolutely not handcart!


This country’s monarch provides – in theory at least – the last bastion against government extremism by withholding the royal assent from potentially damaging legislation.

While it has become traditional in the UK for the monarch to effectively rubber-stamp legislation, the power of  veto still exists** – all that’s lacking is the will to use it.

**It resides in the monarch’s Reserve Powers not used since 1708, which is no reason why they can’t be. Those same powers can also be used to dismiss a Prime Minister, and if ever one deserved to be shown the door, it’s Cameron, not least because of his lies, but also because he has no mandate whatsoever for the damage he’s inflicting upon the citizens of this country, and because of the increasingly apparent corruption in his government.

Now, though, with the Queen having blithely signed away the Welfare State which her father signed into law, via the NHS bill, not to mention the Welfare Reform Bill, which will remove sickness and disability benefits from many thousands of sick and disabled people, and will see an as yet unquantifiable but likely huge number rendered homeless by this, as well as by changes in Housing Benefit.

And, of course, Legal Aid will mostly be history very soon, which will deprive those people who need it most of free access to justice.

And all that in the face of one of the most corrupt governments in modern times, or quite possibly ever, in terms of hard cash trousered for selling influence and favours. Not to mention selling off the NHS, in which many Tory and LibDem  lords and MPs had vested interests, and the donations to the party by those who have bought into the NHS or who are waiting to do so.

So, if the Queen is happy to sit up there in Buckingham Palace, or any other of her state-financed homes, and totally disregard the plight of her people – what use is she?

This monarchy would appear to be an absolute liability.

It’s frequently claimed – I’ve done so myself, I regret to say – that royalty brings a substantial amount of tourist cash into London and the rest of the country but, actually, the argument is utterly facile. The absence of a monarchy hasn’t noticeably damaged the tourist trade in Paris, or anywhere else in France, has it?

The time is, I believe, ripe for this country to take steps towards becoming a republic.

Perhaps, too, it’s also time for a wholesale revision of our political system, and the introduction of  a bi-cameral system, as now, but one in which the second chamber – and yes, I know it’s a novelty, but stay with me – has real power.

The Lords is supposed to be the check on Commons excesses, yet the Commons has the means, in the Parliament Acts and others, to utterly ignore the wishes of the Lords, and ride roughshod over any amendments they might make to legislation, no matter how beneficial those amendments might be, as we’ve seen demonstrated so ruthlessly of late.

We, therefore, need to abolish the Lords, consigning the Parliament Acts to history, where they belong at the same time, and replace it with a wholly elected second chamber with the power of veto over the Commons, unless both sides can get together and work out a compromise – which is essentially what happens with the Senate and Congress in the US.

And yes, that system can be damaging (no political system is perfect, especially not – before someone suggests it – Communism), but not as massively damaging as what we have now, which is a House of Commons totally out of control and subject to the will of just one man of questionable honesty (just listen to the lies at PMQs for a start), and sanity (any person who truly believes that they are always right and can never be wrong is not entirely sane, not to mention his totally deranged hatred of the sick and disabled). This country, under Cameron, is not a democracy, but an elected dictatorship.

There is, of course, the problem that the Lords won’t willingly give up what is, for many, mostly a sinecure, to be cast out into the real world, nor will MPs willingly transfer a sizeable proportion of their authority to a second house which would have real power, compared to the futility of the current Lords’ puppet show which can always be overruled.

But, first things first, and that’s the abolition of the monarchy as a whole, along with a Queen who, unlike her father, cares not the tiniest shit for the welfare of her  people, and when that happens it really is time to sweep them all away. The French did it in blood and terror. Being British I would hope we can find a more civilised way – so maybe it’s time for a referendum, to see if we can, especially given the widespread lack of interest, according to the media, in the Jubilee?

Of course, that’s not going to happen any time soon – to believe otherwise would be foolish (though wouldn’t it be great if it did?) – as the political will just isn’t there. Hell, they’re fannying about with a possible 80% elected House of Lords – which would still have no real authority any more than the current one does until such time as the Commons is deprived of its present ability to nullify the Lords.

Hmm… Maybe the French had the right idea after all? I really don’t know what the answer is, but this country is headed for a modern-day feudalism, run by corrupt millionaires and corporations for their own benefit, and with the needs of the people coming a very long way last.

Is that what you want for your children – and theirs?

See also the addendum, here.

5 thoughts on “Never mind the Jubilee – this country is going to hell in a handbasket!

  1. If Royalty were allowed to vote, they would vote Tory anyway!

    We’ve been a republic once before, but Charlie 2 was invited back from France provided he did not seek revenge on those responsible for his father’s death. He agreed to that but as we all know, as soon as his coronation was over, he exact his revenge anyway.

    I doubt that the UK will ever become a republic again, as most European countries have. We’re brainwashed into believing that we cannot survive without them. If her descendants were unable to propagate, the country would look elsewhere for a suitable candidate. Any minor blue-blood would get the job as a puppet head of state.

    The world would have to suffer some sort of global catastrophe, such as a deadly pandemic or WWIII (we would have to be on the losing side for the monarch to be forced to abdicate, as Kaiser Wilhelm II was after the ‘Great War’.)

    You’ll remember the spin that was done on her behalf following the death of Diana when it was reported so many times that she was out of touch with her subjects (something that I think she has always been and still is!)

    With last year’s royal wedding and her up and coming jubilee, she’s the darling of the people again. Silly people!

    • Not really convinced, BoB. As a former Royalist, I’ve felt for some years that I’ve been defending the increasingly indefensible (when that deranged old bag signed away the welfare state and the NHS it was the last straw), and when you look at the bunch of borderline nutters and no-hopers in varying degrees of line for the throne I think support will whither when she dies. If not before – I think she’s only hanging on because she knows what a bunch of losers she’s responsible for.

      And from what I’ve read over the past week, there is precious little interest in the Jubilee.

      One thing this country hasn’t had is a people’s revolution. We’ve had a variety of wars, but they’ve been one branch of the ruling classes attempting to wrest power from another, and occasionally succeeding. Cromwell’s republic was no different.

      The people have never risen against the ruling classes, not in a serious, country-wide, way, there’ve just been a few spats down the centuries, and business has mostly gone on as usual.

      But now the welfare state is in terminal decline and may soon be gone.

      Ditto the NHS.

      And, after tonight’s farce in the Lords, nobody except those with very deep pockets will have access to the law, to even the most basic justice.

      And the only way that they can get the vast cuts from the benefits system that they’re still planning will be, as I’ve been saying for a long time now, to dump the benefits system and keep the chronically sick and disabled in camps and/or workhouses, which will be vastly more cost-effective than benefits, and I have little doubt that it’s already in the planning stage.

      If the people of Britain sit still for any or all of this then, frankly, they deserve what they get – and that will be a country modelled on mid-1930s Germany, with a government to match – let’s not forget, Hitler didn’t usurp power – he was elected – evidence, if it were needed, that democracy can get it wrong, and it has in this country. In fact, we don’t even have a democracy any longer, we have an elected dictatorship in all but name. Just like Germany.

      The propaganda machine is already in place, and was up and running within days of these arseholes assuming power, and is still spewing out lies. Cameron was on the BBC tonight claiming that the petrol shortages of a few weeks ago were caused by the union calling a strike, which is bullshit – it was a direct result of Francis Maude’s big mouth. and I have no doubt that he was doing exactly as he was told. And the union STILL hasn’t called a strike.

      The people of this country have to decide, and soon, whether they want Cameron’s Reich, or a democratic country which looks after its own citizens. It really is that simple a choice.

  2. Monarchy should be abolished on the fundamental principal that it’s an unfair system. I respect and follow people’s advice because of their actions, not because of who their parents were or because of a piece of legislation says that I have to. I don’t necessarily agree that our current monarch is anything but benign and this may be why there are so many royalists these days. Would they feel the same way of we had a Louis XIV or Henry VIII on our hands? That’s where the system falls down: in its inflexibility. Yes, Mr Cameron and co may be buffoons but we have a chance to get rid of them (if more than 30% of the population would get off their arses and vote- maybe that’s why monarchy is so attractive- low maintenance government).

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