Democracy – what democracy?

At a national level, government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been a myth for a long time. Maybe it always has been. Oh, the Americans have enshrined it in their constitution, and doubtless some still fondly believe that’s what they have, but there, as much as anywhere else, it’s meaningless; the masses are governed, and the wealthy elite govern. In the past, in other countries, it might have been an intellectual elite, but it’s always been an elite of some sort, almost always rooted in money.

Just like here, which is how we came to be saddled with a massively destructive elected (not really), dictatorship, notwithstanding the fact that, being unelected, they have no mandate for anything they’ve perpetrated. No immediate come-back either.

There is, to the best of my knowledge, no way to sack a politician, unless they commit a criminal act, and I’m not even sure about that as they tend to resign anyway. True, their party can withdraw the whip if they transgress politically, at which point they can defect to the other side, become an independent, or apply for Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, which is the way MPs resign. But you can’t say, here’s your P45, don’t let the door hit you in the arse.

Hell, it’s not even a crime to lie to parliament, as this current shower have proved time after time, especially Cameron, Osborne, IDS and Grayling, and that bad joke, Maria Miller. And Bizarrely, a MP is not even permitted to call another a liar, even when they so evidently are. Pussies!

The Queen, last bastion against this marauding, corrupt, and incompetent government, busily selling off out national assets to its carpet-bagging cronies, is apparently asleep at the wheel – or simply doesn’t care that they have no mandate for, well, anything, having merrily signed away the NHS her father signed into being  in 1946, and consigned as yet unquantified, but huge, numbers of sick and disabled people to penury now and in the future, by rubber-stamping the Welfare Reform Bill.

The Queen also has the power to fire a PM, and if ever one deserved it, for a myriad reasons, Cameron does, but clearly she’s not going to.

Someone said, in a comment to a previous post, that the Queen is benign. No, she’s not, the best she’s ever been is neutral, as she should be, but she’s an absolute liability right now and is complicit in destroying the Welfare State, which ensured, for the most part, that the poor, sick, disabled, and vulnerable would get what they needed in terms of healthcare, housing, and sufficient money to survive – all of which is now considered to be a crime against society.

And what’s happened so far is, apparently, less than a third** of the cuts the mathematical moron Osborne has in mind (a word I use, in his context, extremely loosely).

**Some sources say less than 10%  – I’d love to cite them but Google is being unhelpful, though I’ll continue the search.

All of which moves people to post despairing tweets on Twitter, asking how we get rid of these corrupt bastards, to which I can only say, I have no more idea than anyone else.

Since political assassination tends to be frowned upon, and occasionally triggers a world war (and, of course, the damage done would remain), that leaves the ballot box (or revolution, but let’s stay legal for now), and a major problem.

Most people assume that these clowns will do so much damage between now and 2015 that they couldn’t get elected dog-catcher. I don’t buy that.

The big problem, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, is that – here in England, at least – we have a largely dumb and lazy electorate, whose votes can be bought for a tax break in 2015 (if they get off their arses to vote at all, that is, and the right has always been better at doing that than the left), even though, if they stop to think, they’d realise that 2p off income tax is not a valid reason for giving anyone power for another 5 years, but I’ve seen it happen repeatedly. The Tories are past-masters at it – screw the people for 5 years, give them a few coppers, get welcomed back (though, to be fair, Labour have used tax as a bribe too).

There are many thousands, possibly, ultimately, a million or more people (plus unknown millions down all the years to come unless these crimes against humanity are reversed),  whose lives are being, or going to be, trashed, but there are also many millions more who aren’t affected at all, or only marginally so.

Likewise with  the NHS – most people barely impact on it – if they did, it’d crash in flames. Many of those people are quite likely to vote Cameron back. The more so because the electoral boundaries are being gerrymandered in such a way as to make a Labour victory almost impossible – some safe Labour seats will remain safe no matter what, but marginals and many others will simply be swept away entirely, with what’s left becoming seats that Labour, barring a miracle, can never win.

Another factor, about which I wrote a few weeks ago, is the risk of people squandering the Labour vote either by not bothering to vote, or by voting for the minor parties, or for idiots like George Galloway, in protest at Labour’s  perceived shortcomings. Or simply because, like me, they think Miliband is a useless bugger. It won’t take many results like Bradford to ensure Cameron is the come-back kid in 2015.

And god help us all then.