Morons at HTC Technical support…

I wrote to HTC tech support. I said:-

Since your last update, HTC Sense is telling me that my SIM is registered to a different phone. Not true – it’s the same SIM and same phone I originally registered with. It won’t let me log in to my account.

It suggested I create a new account. I did, and it said that account already existed, so I tried to log in. Still wouldn’t let me.

Can you help fix this stupidity please? (End)

I also provided my phone’s IMEI number and all the appropriate software and OS version numbers.

So, is that in any way vague or confusing? “It” clearly refers to my mobe.

Then yesterday I got this:-

Dear Ron Graves,

Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your HTC Desire S.

My name is P*** and I am a Technical Support Agent for the HTC Written Team.

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with logging in to HTCSense.

My apologies, but can you be more specific, are you trying to log in to the HTCSense website? Or access one of the HTCSense applications such as HTC Hub or Likes?

The HTC Sense on the phone does not require a log in, so I just need to understand your query better so I can advise you properly.

Any additional detail you can provided would be appreciated.

Should you require additional support please reply using the link below and confirm the following details.

Full Name:
Contact Number:
IMEI (Found by dialling *#06# from your keypad or in the back of your phone):

To let me know I have successfully answered your query, please follow the link below to close your enquiry, you will have the opportunity to leave feedback about your experience contacting me today.(End)

This information they have (even a total moron can figure out than Ron is short for Ronald, and thus have my full name, ffs!), the contact number on their online form is optional – I don’t give out my number unless there is no alternative – there clearly is, email.

It’s also clear that I need to log in to HTC Sense, either via my mobe or online (neither works), to fix this problem, so, yes, numbnuts, I DO need to log in, and it doesn’t matter what to – it still won’t let me.

And the first para is the important one – the implicit suggestion that I might have stolen my phone, or bought a stolen one. This needs fixing.

Luckily HTC Sense isn’t vital to the functioning of my phone, because I can’t be doing with witless bastards like this guy.

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  1. try telling that to the docs n dieticians. ive had more go wrong with me medically since trying to follow their advice 4 years ago than enough. so much for healthy eating.

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