The world according to Duffy…

And a very strange world it is, and not very pretty either. Duffy, boys and girls, is an allegedly adult male who has clearly no conception of how to behave like a normal human being, rather than, say, a juvenile and  censorious twat.

He’s Sean Duffy, he lives in Moor Row, Cumbria, and tweets as @seanduffy_me perhaps in case he forgets who he is.

Thing is, a friend of mine has fallen foul of this tosser on Twitter, and he’s been posting libellous tweets for the past few hours – from the safety of his own front room, naturally. Or his bedroom – nudge

So, let my friend explain in her own words, with these tweets:-

@petersmam: @rantsfromron someone tweeted spending day with young fire-fighters. I said Mmmmmmm…They pointed out kids not new recruits. I said no then

@petersmam: @rantsfromron next thing I know I have someone who only picked the first tweet out telling others what a sick perv I am.

So there you have it, the “offence” in its non-existent entirety. Numbnuts, though, has just seized upon the first part, without bothering his arse about viewing the whole conversation – which would have taken seconds. Still, let’s never let the truth get in the way of trolling and abuse, eh, folks… That would never do.

And as a couple of @petersmam’s supporters said, hers was a natural, female,  reaction to “young firefighters”.  :-

@weebles1703: RT @Chocolate_Girly @petersmam if anyone said ‘young firefighters’ we’d think trainees aged around 20 and we’d go ‘phwoar’ too <— EXACTLY!

So where’s the problem? I mean, who the hell would expect “young firefighters” to be kids, ffs? And in what way are kids firefighters anyway? Seems a tad dangerous to me.

So there is nothing going on – no perversion, no paedophilia, nothing whatsoever except in the very strange and toxically prurient mind of Sean Duffy, as you can see from his tweets:-


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He’s clearly in the wrong and, doing him the service of assuming he’s actually sane, he must know he’s in the wrong, so why doesn’t he man up, read the full conversation, and admit he’s wrong? And apologise. Though as you can see from the third tweet, he’s not going to.

Not got the balls, presumably – easier to carry on with the bullshit. Mind you, the belief that one is always right in the face of clear evidence to the contrary indicates a disturbing mindset.

Oh, and he popped up on Twitter, asking me for an advance copy of this post – can you say – Detached From Reality!? Got extremely peeved when I blocked him by all accounts – wonder what the poor deluded soul was expecting to happen. It’s all a bit sad really.

But sad or not, beware of this guy, as he clearly has problems with the truth, and if you have the misfortune to stumble across him on Twitter, I suggest you block him without further ado, before he decides to fuck with your life too.