Iain Duncan Smith – we all suffer for his chronic failure to succeed…

IDS graduated from Sandhurst and, in six years in the army, reached the not exactly dizzying rank of captain (considering that he emerged from Sandhurst as a commissioned officer).

Wikipedia is rather lacking in detailed information, but apparently, on leaving the army he went to work for GEC. Doing what, with what level of success, isn’t mentioned. A glittering career there would have been, I’m sure – but see Wikipedia link below – it seems IDS has been economical with the truth regarding, ooh, all sorts of stuff, including his time at GEC.

And then, at the 1987 general election, he  was defeated at Bradford West, before being parachuted into the retiring Norman Tebbit’s safe seat, Chingford, in 1992.

In 2002, Michael Crick on the TV programme Newsnight caused some embarrassment when probing Duncan Smith’s curriculum vitae, which had been in circulation for years, for example, being reproduced in the authoritative annual Dod’s Parliamentary Companion for the previous ten years. The CV claimed that he had attended the University of Perugia when he had in fact attended the Università per Stranieri, which did not grant any degrees at that time, and a claim that he had attended the prestigious-sounding Dunchurch College of Management turned out to refer to some weekend courses at GEC Marconi’s staff college. (This para via Wikipedia). In fact, check out Wikipedia to see exactly what a loser this clown is.

In 2003 the party had had enough of this ineffectual plonker as leader, and unceremoniously emptied him out.

And thus we come to 2010, and today, with IDS installed at the DWP and desperate to make this one last chance to succeed pay off.

Sadly for the sick and disabled citizens of this benighted land, this meant that he has decided to emulate Joseph Goebbels by creating a massive and staggeringly effective propaganda machine, which I dubbed the DWP Lie Factory, the output of which was, and still is, repeated verbatim, and totally unchallenged, by the right wing press and the BBC. By the way, you bald fuck, I’m still waiting for my free BMW.

IDS though, along with Cameron, whose hatred of the sick and disabled, as I’ve said many times before, simply cannot be, by any measure, sane, have another hero, in whose steps they are following with great enthusiasm in their unending persecution of the sick and disabled – Adolph Hitler. And we all know how that ended, and might well end here.

So finally, IDS, that pathetic, mendacious, serial failure, gets to make his mark on history – just a pity it’s for all the wrong reasons, as an unmitigated, subhuman, lying, scumbag.


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