Potassium Update…

This morning, 06.00 I took 50mg potassium chloride. The result, like yesterday, was that I felt very much better, my heart behaved – pulse 82 and strong, rather than tachy and weak, few PVCs. Breathing good, muscle pain moderate, so much so that I was able to just take Paracetamol at lunch time.

I felt, by my standards, well (bearing in mind that my idea of well would put the average person off work for  weeks – a sentiment with which many spoonies, I’m sure, would identify).

I have had a crisis-free day – I can’t remember what I could last say that – some time in 2010 probably

I’ve typed an 1,800-word blog post, on the subject of medical neglect, without a single typo or spelling mistake (which is more than I can say for this, but I’m getting tired). I cooked a gammon joint with loads of veggies, so I have stock for soup if it’s not too salty (it’s not, it tastes pretty damn good – I predict pea soup tomorrow).

And now, at 23.50, I’m tired. Not sick and exhausted – my usual version of tired – but properly, normally, tired.

I could get to like this.


8 thoughts on “Potassium Update…

  1. glad you’ve had a good day ron.
    looks like you’ve hit on a good thing there.
    long may it continue.

    • Aw shucks! 😉

      I wonder if my cardio guy would like to contribute the part of his income that relates to me, because he’s not earning it – I am.

      • wonder if your cardio guys attitude is to do with whats happening within the NHS.they must ALL be so fed up with it all…………….on the other hand he could be busy with his private patients (im sure you cant be one cos he would do all he could if he was getting paid extortionate amounts of cash to treat yu.)

        • God knows. But private patients or not, he still has to put his contracted hours in at the hospital. No, I think it’s because it’s difficult to fit me in but if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll find a way.

  2. I love reading your blog, and am pleased to hear that you’ve been feeling much better lately – hopefully its not a sign of impending bad news … the calm before the storm, so to speak.

    • Been a deeply shit day, today, but heart still behaving, if not as well then still better than usual – pretty sure I’ve been nobbled by a duff yoghurt, slightly past it’s BB date. Bloody stuff shouldn’t go off that fast!

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