Potassium update 2 – a better way…

As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, it’s impossible to buy potassium in anything below 100mg tablets (currently I have 200mg tabs which I cut in 4), but cutting tablets isn’t wildly accurate even with a splitter, so I came up with a better method.

Crush five 200mg tablets finely (a mortar and pestle will help), which gives you 1000mg of powdered potassium, plus whatever else was in the tabs, which can safely be ignored.

Dissolve the 1000mg of potassium in 100ml water (I found it was reluctant to mix – a small whisk fixed that), the resulting solution will yield 10mg of potassium per ml or 50mg per 5ml teaspoon (a measuring or medicine spoon is a must).

To take, shake the bottle, add the requisite quantity, in my case 1 teaspoon, to a small glass of juice to mask the taste, and drink. If you find it makes you a tad nauseous, take it with more juice.

As I said previously, I’m not convinced that such precision is absolutely essential, and for most people it’s probably not but for me, where taking too much could potentially be a risk, I’ve decided I want accuracy, and also the option to take smaller, but equally accurate, doses if need be.

One of the benefits of taking a small amount of potassium this last few days, is that my diuretics are working again. Fluid retention is one indicator of inadequate potassium levels – but so is heart failure and I’m treading a fine line here, and in the dark – hence my desire for accuracy.

My head says it’s still unnecessary, my gut feeling is what the hell, it can’t hurt!