Can Rebekah Brooks get a fair trial – and would it matter?

Don’t be silly, there’s not a hope in hell of the woman getting a fair trial, after the adverse publicity of the past year or so. It would, though, if it takes place, have the power to wreak political havoc, which is why a trial matters, fair or not.

My personal view, not least given the quite obvious nonsense of the compressed Blackberry email having no content (give me a break**), is that there is a case to answer (that was, of course, just an example, not the entire case, obviously: that’s been detailed in the news media, but it’s late, and I’m too tired to go dig it out).

**If you missed it, Blackberry, long with a whole raft of experts, restated the obvious by insisting that it couldn’t happen (it in the Guardian if you care to dig for it).

I do, however – and bear in mind this the country, as I observed in a previous post – I knew I’d read it somewhere – where the populace is so dim they think footballers are above the law when it comes to rape, and couldn’t tell a paedophile from a paediatrician (guess who’s regretting that now?) – think that a fair trial would be quite impossible, especially with Brooks having clearly been found guilty on Twitter and doubtless on FB and G+ too, trial by social media having, apparently, taken over from trial by news media now.

A trial, though, even if no safe conviction can be obtained, is immensely desirable, as I think there’s a lot of dirt to emerge concerning the government’s role in this whole sorry affair, not to mention the fact that I have a very strong suspicion that Cameron is up to his flabby, Brylcreemed arse in it too. Something which, if/when it emerges, will almost certainly destroy him as Prime Minister, perhaps even as a politician. Can’t damage him as a human being, of course – nothing to damage.

Sadly, though, whether he falls on his sword – I doubt it; gutless – or is dumped by his party, it still won’t lead to a general election. The Conservative Party will simply elect a new leader and, by all accounts. Boris Johnson is in the frame.

Would that be good or bad? Well, Boris might well be delusional as to his own political acumen (just as he is in his belief he that can dress himself), but as PM he would be less dangerously delusional than Cameron, with his absolutely insane hatred of the chronically sick and disabled, and his obsession with making us all disappear.

And how long, if he remains in power, before his delusions translate in to actually making us disappear? There is, as I’ve said, historical precedent after all, and IDS already has a propaganda machine all cranked up and ready to help make it happen – which, of course, he’s already doing, as barely a week goes by without some fresh lies, to be re-puked by the toady press.

He’s already turned us in to hate figures, blamed for all the financial ills of society (yes, boys and girls, the global financial catastrophe, originating in the US, was all our fault – it’s magic, you know!), and violence against us is rising pretty much daily, as are the deaths and suicides. It’s probably only a matter of time before we have our very own version of Kristallnacht.

The party might go for Boris for the same reason they elected Major after Thatcher – not the sharpest intellect around and, perhaps, easily manipulated (oh, I don’t subscribe to the belief that Boris is stupid, any more than Major was, but he’s a long way from being dazzlingly bright, and he doesn’t play well with others; he does like to be the centre of attention, though). However, as with Major, he might well make up in sheer stubbornness what he lacks in intellectual rigour, and plough his own furrow. Let’s just hope he doesn’t plough Edwina Currie too.

Whether that would be good or bad for those with the most to lose, the chronically sick and disabled, I can’t say, but given a choice, I’d take Boris the Oaf over Dave the Psychopath any day. Especially as the alternatives – Osborne or IDS, would be unthinkable.


One thought on “Can Rebekah Brooks get a fair trial – and would it matter?

  1. Rather than a Kristallnacht taking place, it would be far better for the country if something similar to a Röhm-Putsch took place instead. Though the problem then would be that a new set of tossers would take over.

    If Cameron is up to his eyeballs in the mire alongside the Brooks, then I don’t think Mr & Mrs Brooks have anything to worry about because either the CPS will eventually drop the case or the law lords will drop it, in order to protect Cameron & co.

    The Brooks may have to keep a low profile as many unexplained fatal accidents have occurred throughout the years and not all chauffeurs, pilots etc are drunkards and cannot always be blamed for these accidents.

    Mm, Boris for PM? What a fantastic idea. It would be an improvement over the present shower but he may change with the increase of his power, as power corrupts etc.

    Still there’s a bigger chance that I would die laughing rather than being depressed to death…

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