Arrowe Park Hospital fiasco rumbles on…

Thank you for your reply, but I’m deeply perturbed to see that it’s going to take 2 months to resolve this fiasco – what happened to 35 days (as per your original email)?

Arguably the main reason for my complaint is that my condition is treatable (manageable, not curable), and yet it has not been. It would take roughly 10 minutes to establish that beyond doubt. And I would then hope that the situation would be remedied, yet I see no indication that it will be.

Frankly, 2 months is quite absurd, and will further endanger my health, perhaps even my life.

You say that “…any future treatment you need at the hospital will not be affected by your having made this complaint.”

Which is all well and good, but what concerns me is not my treatment in the future, since I might not actually have one, it’s my treatment NOW – which simply is not happening.

How hard is that to understand?

And, quite honestly, even if this complaint did have an adverse effect on future treatment, it would be extremely hard difficult to make things worse. Let me give you just one example why:-

An event which you won’t find on my records, and which could conceivably have killed me, took place on my second day as an inpatient in January 2011 (that was when I was first diagnosed with heart failure, which  also went unrecorded).

My lungs were so full of fluid I could hardly breathe, and on the first day, faced with blank looks from some very young doctors, I suggested Furosemide, expecting, given my condition, an i-v. I got tablets – better than nothing but only just.

However, while I was half asleep the next night, some lunatic plugged me into 2 litres of i-v saline. I woke up with my breathing even more severely impaired from the 300ml that had already gone in, and made them disconnect it immediately. Had I stayed asleep, and received the full 2 litres, I have little doubt that I might well have died, and I sincerely doubt that gross stupidity would have gone on my death certificate.

So forgive me if I feel rather underwhelmed by your promise that future treatment won’t be affected. It’s hard to make such staggeringly dangerous incompetence even more abysmal.


Ron Graves.