Arrowe Park Hospital – further down the pan…

This is their reply to my protest that taking two bloody months to resolve my complaint is ludicrous:-

Thank you for your email.  I have spoken with the Lead Nurse for the Division of Medicine and he has read your recent email.  As your complaint is fairly complex it was decided to give a period of 45 days for investigations.  As I gave you a date of 35 working days  we will of course aim to complete investigations by the 13.07.12.

I apolgise for any inconvenience caused.


And they can’t even be arsed to hit the spellcheck button, a major discourtesy in my book.** Nor can they count – 35 days takes us to June 29.

**Call me old-fashioned, but I apply the same standards to email as I would to a letter. There’s no reason not to.

What they fail to grasp, or, more likely, don’t give a shit about, is that Dr. Nick Newall has done absolutely bugger all for me in 4 months (and counting), and that I actually do need help, in terms of medication.**  That is the crux of my complaint, a look at my records will verify it, so wherein lies the complexity?

**I could self-medicate – I know exactly what I need – but I shouldn’t bloody have to!

The tests I pulled out of are a complete irrelevance, as we already know what’s wrong with me and they won’t aid recovery, because recovery isn’t an option. I need the support of appropriate medication. And I need it now.

I’m not getting it and it appears the APH has absolutely no intention of providing it.


2 thoughts on “Arrowe Park Hospital – further down the pan…

  1. As they are so incompetent, perhaps you need to spell out to them that you need treatment NOW, and that while you’re getting treatment, they can continue to investigate the other aspects of your complaint.

    • Actually, I just have:-

      Let me explain this as simply as possible. The crux of my complaint is that Dr. Newall has done absolutely nothing for me, in terms of treating my condition, which is potentially life-threatening, in 4 months.

      I have two research papers on the subject of aortic valve calcification and stenosis, and heart failure, and which take into account my symptom set. One says the average is death with in two years, the other that the two-year survival rate is 50%. Neither is particularly good news, since the clear consensus is that it’s going to kill me. And sooner rather than later. I’ve mentioned this to Dr. Newall, he didn’t contradict it.

      The outcome can’t be changed, medically (surgically is an issue for another day), but it can be treated and managed, I do not actually need to be as profoundly ill as I am – and that is not being done, neither is there any indication that it is going to be any time soon, if at all. Frankly I cannot afford to wait another two months. I need treatment NOW – that’s why I was referred to a cardiologist in the first place.

      How long does APH intend to continue to ignore that need? If I am unable to get a satisfactory resolution to this matter, and very soon, I shall have no alternative but to go directly to the Chief Executive.

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