The Arrowe Park Hospital Neglect ends now…

This is the text of my latest email to APH:-

Let me explain this as simply as possible. The crux of my complaint is that Dr. Newall has done absolutely nothing for me, in terms of treating my condition, which is potentially life-threatening, in 4 months.

I have read two research papers on the subject of aortic valve calcification and stenosis, and heart failure, and which take into account my symptom set (none of which is improved by my COPD). One says the average is death within two years, the other that the two-year survival rate is 50%. Neither is particularly good news, since the clear consensus is that it’s going to kill me. And sooner rather than later. I’ve mentioned this to Dr. Newall, he didn’t contradict it.

The outcome can’t be changed, medically (surgically is an issue for another day), but it can be treated and managed, I do not actually need to be as profoundly ill as I am – and that is not being done, neither is there any indication that it is going to be any time soon, if at all. Frankly I cannot afford to wait another two months. I need treatment NOW – that’s why I was referred to a cardiologist in the first place.

How long does APH intend to continue to ignore that need? If I am unable to get a satisfactory resolution to this matter, and very soon, I shall have no alternative but to go directly to the Chief Executive.


Ron Graves.


6 thoughts on “The Arrowe Park Hospital Neglect ends now…

  1. Ron, give them a specific deadline (10-14 days), then if they are not bowing and scraping to you while giving you the treatment you need, write to the Chief Exec, your MP, every newspaper you can think of, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

    • Newspapers are already on the agenda. An email explaining the background, plus links to the relevant blog posts is easiest, with the offer of it in full if they want it. Saves sending either an enormously long email or one studded with lots of attachments, which will also be large in terms of file size (many business mail servers are set to reject unsolicited email over a certain size).

      Sadly, my MP is a waste of space – Frank Field – and I’m not his favourite person!

  2. I rather suspect Ron that contacting the Chief Executive will be wasting more of your time if my experience is anything to go by with my local hospital. I contacted the top man about the treatment my wife received he never extended me the courtesy of a reply but simply passed my letter on to the ‘complaints department’ who sent a load of forms to fill in and also informed me that they were not able to deal with matters medical. When I asked for a copy of her medical records I was told that they would be supplied at a cost of 25p per copy of each sheet. Not only did they kill my wife, now I have to pay to find out how they did it

    • Don’t know what’s going on there, Ralph – the complaints department is very much there for medical complaints – what other kind are they hoping for?

      As for copies, most places charge 5 or 10p a sheet. I got mine free with the threat of legal action and a Freedom of Information request.

  3. Hi Ron, reading your posts about the time it has taken for the hospital to reply at all I would say that if you have no response by Monday morning then you should already be “kicking” the CEO’s door down. If they wait for long enough to reply then they wont need to act any more will they? Is your local MP any good? (Ours is Conservative BUT he’s also a very good MP, he has sorted out a couple of problems that my son was having with Social services and the DWP, within days rather than weeks!) I do hope you get a resolution sooner rather than later I want to read your “success story” not your obituary.
    Take care

    • Hi Peter,

      Since they don’t work at weekends, I’ll give them a bit more leeway, but not much.

      My MP is Frank Field, which says it all.


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