They really do want us dead – the proof…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the bastards really do want us dead – see The Green Benches.

And who’ll suffer most from this? Why, those of us who are already chronically sick and disabled, because many of us, as a result of enforced inactivity, are fat – and being fat is now a crime against society. The fat bastard in No. 10 thinks so anyway.

Hopefully this is just some Tory lunatic flying a kite, but given Cameron’s psychopathic hatred for us all, I’m sure as hell not putting money on it.


2 thoughts on “They really do want us dead – the proof…

  1. Your so right Ron…. I have gained over 2 stone in the past year due to the decline in my health…. must be all my own fault for being a lazy cow & not trying harder!!! I miss having my gorgeous figure, at looking good for 51, they do not seem to understand that this has a detrimental affect on us…. he overweight from eating……. WE ARE NOT!!!!!

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